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Producer Jaywan Exposes The Industry (Trinidad James, Meek Mill, MMG, etc.)

Grammy Nominated Producer Jaywan has worked with artists Young Jeezy, 2chainz, Trey Songz, Bone Thugs, Lil Boosie, Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones, Twista, Kid Ink just to name a few. He apparently is done with the music industry and has some choice words for a couple of artists.


@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how noone from MMG was on the Forbes List this year. Ya only needed to generate $5 milli. Which is really $900k…lol

@JaywanInc: Lets talk about how this @ZaneTobin isn’t an A&R, isn’t employed at any label, never has been, and never has gotten a check in this industry

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how Ted Lucas owns 75% of Rick Ross’ publishing still…

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how Jeezy is the VP of A&R at Atlantic that the only 2 artists from MMG are signed to…

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how Tony Draper and E Class still are in Ross’s pockets and own a piece of the publishing as well…

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how these “A&R Conference Panels” are all sh*t. How these ex “A&Rs” and “A&R Consultants” have no juice in the industry.

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how 90% of these rappers can’t get financing for a simple mortgage for a car or a house because they don’t have the income.

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how noone on MMG has had a top 5 Billboard single in over 2 years.

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about why Rocko doesn’t have a deal yet but has ATL radio on his nuts for 2 years straight…

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk how about Trinidad James only got a 80k advance and will never actually drop an album on Def Jam.

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how Meek Mill can’t get a release date because he cant get a hit record spinning and the label won’t open up another budget

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how Rockie Fresh, Stalley, Omarion, and anyone else on MMG is still unsigned without any distribution in place.(. Mmg is a middle man no distribution deal)

@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how there is only 3 artists on MMG that are actually signed to any type of record deal. And they are ALL horrible 360 deals

And for the record, that wasn’t a diss to the homie Rocko. I was saying how fu**** it is that he’s run ATL for 2 years and aint been scooped.
Wanda! ‏@phattygirrl35 45m @JaywanInc like I told u last year I fu**** with a few rappers and I do better then them hoeing lol!!!!
@JaywanInc: Let’s talk about how @Wale‘s ugly bytch just called me asking me for a flight down to Palm Beach to see me.@JaywanInc: Lol Jeezy just called me…
SIM.EYE ‏@Simeye1 3m
im happy @JaywanInc keepin it real a lot of us fall victim to rappers flexin, we dont know whats real anymore!Jaywan Inc. ‏@JaywanInc 9m
Jeezy, Nipsey, Boosie, Tip, Gucci, Twista, Wu-Tang, Future, and SchoolBoy Q are some of the artists I respect and support…Jaywan Inc. ‏@JaywanInc 15m
@Wale come get this ugly bytch. And tell her to quit calling my phone. pic.twitter.com/lI8MMa8SP9Jaywan Inc. ‏@JaywanInc 19m
@Wale Is my discography a lie? Is the demo you sent me 6 years ago a lie too? Or is your bytch calling me this morning a lie also?

Kevin preston ‏@bigkevin4915 25m
@Wale: @bu**Amakeemhide nobody know him.. His whol shyt is a lie”@JaywanInc this was wale response he said nobody kno u

@bigkevin4915 @Wale @bu**Amakeemhide Lol whats funny about this statement is that I have emails from Wale and his manager asking for beats.

@CardoGotWings Just be happy I didn’t expose and talk about your p*ssy ass. YOU NEXT, bytch.

David ‏@DeLaRozay 2m
I dont even fukk w MMG music like that but to see @JaywanInc tweet about these guys as if they dont make “real” $ is such a joke
@DeLaRozay Says the guy with “Rozay” in his name. Male groupies are the worst.




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