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The Importance of Prioritizing Employees Happiness Level for the Company

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It is not rare for employees to get stressed over time while working due to piles of work they need to work on, along with the tension or pressure they might get from their boss.

Thus, Friday becomes the most awaited day for all, and their happiness level will decrease along the way. It is not uncommon for employees who feel unhappy at their work, to decide to leave because they feel uncomfortable working with their boss. If this keeps happening to a different employee, this might be a sign that your work culture is toxic. Thus, you will need to change it and delve into a new one.

As a boss, it is important to keep the employees happy by providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable work atmosphere. After all, the employees are the driving force as well as the main determinant of the company’s success.

The Importance of Prioritizing Employees Happiness Level for the Company

Companies that treat their employees arbitrarily, simply because they think their employees are replaceable and “need to work at the company for money” will not be able to acquire employees who want to grow with them.

It is different with companies or management that pay attention to employee happiness. The employees are proven to be more motivated and have higher morale. Employees with high morale, apart from being more productive, will also be more involved with their work.

What are the things that make employees unhappy?

We cannot equate employees with one another. Some factors affect employee happiness levels, including individual factors, internal organizational factors, and external organizational factors.

As a leader or business owner, you need to know the importance and reasons behind these factors. Here are examples that make employees unhappy and become unproductive as a result.

  • Not appreciated enough by their boss
  • Toxic management
  • The opinion is not listened to or valued
  • Their private life is not respected
  • Micromanagement
  • Unequal pay

7 Benefits of Happy Employees

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Happy employees are a component that is often forgotten or even not thought about in measuring employee performance. While in actuality, in some cases, the reason why employees experience a decline in performance or do not meet expectations in productivity is that they are not happy with their jobs. Happy employees tend to be more productive, and more creative, and their work gets done faster.

1. To increase company profits

The success of the company is closely related to the satisfaction of employees at work. According to the results of the latest research from the University of Pennsylvania, companies that succeed in ensuring employee job satisfaction will also be successful in increasing company profits. The company can provide a series of training programs, better pay, and great work management to achieve a high level of employee job satisfaction.

2. Increase employee productivity

Employees who are happy and content with their jobs will work at higher levels of productivity. On top of it all, a comfortable work setting made by the superior will make it easy for employees to have open and effective communication when dealing with their bosses or superiors. Thus, all the work can be done promptly without much difficulty.

3. Employees are more loyal to the company

Employees will not last long in a work environment that is not good for their well-being. Companies that humanize their employees will make employees feel valued and happy. Thus, the company can retain their employees better and does not have to worry about spending large amounts of money to do the recruitment process or organize special training programs again.

4. Can increase employee creativity

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The work creativity of an employee tends to increase when they feel happy in the office. Fun work culture and environment will make employees feel at home in the office.

Even when they have to face challenges at work, employees will not feel confused or hopeless. That feeling of happiness will trigger the emergence of creativity to overcome these challenges.

5. Able to attract top talent

Highly skilled talents must have spent a lot of time improving their skills. So, naturally, they want a decent workplace that values their skills as well as themselves as a person. If your company prioritizes employee happiness, having quality human resources that can help the company grow is very possible.

6. Reduce absenteeism

We cannot underestimate the absence of employees. High absenteeism indicates low employee engagement, along with a decrease in productivity.

7. Work is of higher quality and completed quickly

Happy employees tend to be more motivated to make their company grow. So, it is not only about achieving success for themselves but more than that. Thus they are more motivated to make good work or even exceed company expectations.

Employers will greatly benefit from investing in employee happiness. And this can be done by respecting, appreciating, and facilitating employees with monetary benefits and healthy working space. Providing health insurance from Employee Benefits Ontario to employees aligns with ethical and social responsibilities. It demonstrates that the employer cares about the health and welfare of their employees beyond just their job performance.

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