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How To Prepare For Your First Golf Tournament

Leisure activities are an integral part of every person’s daily life. When it comes to leisure activities we can freely say that there are too many of them and mostly all of them we are doing every day. So as leisure activities can be listed even spending free time on social networks, watching interesting videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix, etc. But when it comes to leisure activities more commonly known as hobbies, there are plenty of them. So people often decide to go for a walk, shopping, lunch or dinner with friends, going to a party or some sport activity. From the sports activities, the most popular are the group activities, from which golf stands out as the number one.

Golf is a sport that originated in America and Canada. It is a sport that is number one in that part of the world, but also in other parts of the world. It has existed for many years, and as a favorite sport is considered by many businessmen, politicians, public figures, artists, and the like. It is usually played in larger groups consisting of several players who compete with each other for points that they will earn throughout the game throughout the day. The days that are ideal for this sport are the days from Thursday to Sunday when the tournaments are organized, which can not pass without a lot of fun, jokes, and a glass of alcohol.

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Such tournaments are usually organized on large golf courses that are usually located in untouched parts of nature around the world or in those that are part of large resorts. These gatherings abound with a lot of laughter and camaraderie, as well as gathering a lot of golf experience. Have you ever been curious to do such a gathering, but you did not know how to organize it? Do you want to gather all your friends at such a gathering? Now you have that opportunity because in the continuation of this article we bring you everything you need to know to organize a golf tournament for yourself and your friends. All it takes is to read the whole article to the end, write down or memorize the key things you need to know about the organization and organize your first golf tournament.

  1. Talk to your friends to find out if they are interested and ready for a tournament – before making any plans and getting involved in organizing a tournament with your friends you need to ask them if they are ready for a group game, ie if they are free and willing to participate in a tournament. If their answers are positive, you can continue with the organization, but before that determine a symbolic amount that each of you will give for the organization of the tournament to be possible from a financial point of view.

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  2. Call one of the resorts and book an appointment for a golf course – the next step you need to take is to make a reservation at one of the many resorts. This is the best option when it comes to tournaments. Be careful to make a reservation on time because the golf dates are filled in very quickly, especially by the organizers of the big traditional tournaments, and if everything is busy and you do not have the opportunity to organize your own, why not sign up for one of the big tournaments? If this sparks your curiosity then visit thesaticoyclub.com where you can sign up for one of the big tournaments or choose to book a place for your tournament.
  3. Make sure each of your friends has the golf equipment they need – the next thing on your to-do list is to make sure each of your friends is ready for the game in terms of equipment ownership. If any of them do not have their own equipment that case he should borrow it from a friend or book a set at the golf club where you booked the field. Once you make sure that each of them has the equipment, the organization continues.
  4. Reserve golf carts that can be transported from field to field and with which you can transport equipment – a very important part of a tournament is to rent golf carts that will be transported during the game. This is a very important part of the preparation that needs to be done in time in order to reserve enough strollers for enough people and to be able to pass the whole game smoothly.

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  5. Make a plan for refreshments and drinks during the game – this is perhaps the most important thing you should not focus on in the organization – drinks during the tournament. You should do this either yourself (buying drinks and bringing them to the club) or in cooperation with the club where you will play. They usually have an offer of almost all alcoholic and soft drinks that are available through mobile golf carts or so-called. golf carts bars. Arrange the details in time so you do not get thirsty during the game. And yes, try golfers’ favorite drink – Adam Palmer.
  6. Provide symbolic prizes for the first three places and consolation prizes for the other participants – do not forget the prize section. Do your best to provide a prize for each participant. This means that you need to provide a symbolic prize for the first three places of the tournament (plaque, badge, trophy, or a voucher) and of course, one consolation prize for each participant who failed to reach any of the first three places.

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  7. Invite your friends – at the very end, the easiest obligation remains – to invite your friends. You need to inform all your friends who have expressed interest in this tournament by sending them an official invitation via one of the social networks, via email, or phone. Just tell them to confirm their presence at least one day before the game so that they will be sufficiently prepared for each participant.

The procedure is not difficult at all, but it needs to be performed in full in order to organize the tournament perfectly. It remains to complete all this and enjoy the company of friends. Have fun!