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Photos: T-Boz, Chilli, Lil’ Mama, Drew Sidora & KeKe Palmer Visit Wendy Williams


Drew revealed how she has always been a T-Boz lover, and always played her every time her and her school friends impersonated TLC. She’s also been the spokesperson for Sickle Cell Disease (which T-Boz lives with) for years as her dad is a doctor and he’s involved with a Sickle Cell organization. So she felt that was her connection to Tionne Watkins–who’s a Taurus like her–before they even started filming.

And KeKe revealed that in every school talent show–she played Chilli. And it’s a full circle moment for her to play her in an actual movie now.

As for what T-Boz & Chilli had to say about Pebbles–the legendary woman who discovered them at LaFace and has been accused of setting them up for bankruptcy–it wasn’t pretty.

The girls threw a little shade saying they’re sure Pebbles would love to tell her own story. But Chilli revealed Pebbles once kicked her out the group because of her relationship with Dallas Austin (who ended up being Chilli’s baby’s daddy). Pebbles apparently swore it was Chilli’s “daddy issues” that caused the relationship to happen in the first place, so the only way she was allowed to re-enter the group (after they tried to replace her) was for her to go to therapy.



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