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How to Find the Perfect Neighborhood to Rent a Room in Atlanta, Georgia?

Find your perfect rental in Atlanta. Image Source: Google Images

Atlanta is a city of culture, heritage, and development. Even though the city stands well-developed today, it is rooted firmly in its history. Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, is well known for the Coca Cola Headquarter and The World of Coca-Cola. The city might not have a gleaming skyline but have an eclectic vibe. If you plan to move to this city anytime soon, you may wish to find a suitable room for rent in Atlanta based on your needs, requirements, expectations, and most importantly, budget! You can even resort to trustworthy roommate finders online to check out rooms for rent in Atlanta, Georgia, to find your perfect rental accommodation. However, without a proper plan of action, finding rooms for rent in Atlanta might be time-consuming as there is a wide assortment of options to explore.

So, it’s imperative to have significant clarity on where you want to rent a room in Atlanta, Georgia, before getting started with the complete house hunting hustle. Hence, the best way to find the perfect neighborhood and consequently a perfect room for rent in Atlanta, you must keep a couple of options ready as your choice of neighborhoods. To ease up this process for you, we sorted out the top eight neighborhoods to consider while finding your ideal room for rent in Atlanta, Georgia. 

  • Piedmont Park
  • Midtown
  • Peachtree Heights
  • Buckhead
  • Inman Park
  • Poncey-Highlands
  • Cabbagetown
  • Grant Park

1. Piedmont Park

Find rentals in the trendiest neighborhood in the town. Image Source: Google Images

Piedmont Park is a beautiful neighborhood to rent a room in Atlanta. It is an urban park near Downtown, and if you are looking for a pet-friendly community, Piedmont Park is the place for you! You may even enjoy outdoor activities like jogging, running, biking, and swimming. Piedmont Park is a famous place, and you would spot families with kids and pets in the park every end. If you enjoy breezy, green spaces, you might start looking for rooms for rent in Atlanta at Piedmont Park right now!

2. Midtown

Find rentals in the trendiest neighborhood in the town. Image Source: Google Images

Midtown is a trendy, vibrant, and busy neighborhood. It is the city’s commercial center, and you would find many spots to hang out on weekends. From comedy bars to art galleries, Midtown has it all. If you are a young working professional looking for affordable rental accommodation, then Midtown is the best neighborhood to look up rooms for rent in Atlanta. 

3. Peachtree Heights

The vintage architecture haven. Image Source: Google Images

Peachtree Heights is also known as the Duck Pond Park Neighborhood. If you like being in the midst of nature and relish scenic greenery, you can easily find your way to the area and look for rentals. The neighborhood has some fine houses and beautiful architecture. This makes it a tempting setting while exploring options for finding the perfect room for rent in Atlanta. It is relatively a posh residential area, so the rentals might be a bit pricey but definitely worth it!

4. Buckhead

One of the best neighborhoods to rent a room in Atlanta. Image Source: Google Images

Buckhead is a stylish, commercial, and trendy neighborhood. You can find a variety of lively cafes, upscale malls, and art galleries. The area has an urban vibe and is best for young professionals. Rest assured that you would find the perfect amalgamation of the old and the new architectural trend while exploring and may even spot a few small art galleries. In a nutshell, the neighborhood is an excellent option to rent a room in Atlanta for art lovers and people who wish to live in a trendy and glamorous neighborhood.

5. Inman Park

A foodie’s heaven, Inman Park. ImageSource: Google Images

Inman Park has the best restaurants and artisan bakeries! With a hipster vibe, the neighborhood has numerous trendy cafes, wine bars, and brunch spots. Inman Park is a popular neighborhood among millennials and can be a good option for looking up rooms for rent in Atlanta, with food joints at an arm’s reach!

6. Poncey-Highlands

Look for cheap room rentals in Poncey-Highlands. Image Source: Google Images

The area has a combination vibe of urban and sub-urban feels, and you can spot art installations while on a walk in the neighborhood. This area is vibrant, and you can find some cheap rooms for rent in Atlanta at Poncey-Highlands. Just like any other neighborhood in Atlanta, this area too has its fair share of green spaces.

7. Cabbagetown

Find the best of street art in Cabbagetown. Image Source: Google Images

Cabbagetown is the oldest industrial settlement in Atlanta. Currently, the area has a cozy vibe with laid back cafes and eateries. The residents are mostly young families, and the streets have some spectacular artwork. The neighborhood is like a hidden gem of Atlanta and has so much to be explored. If you want to live in a low-key yet trendy neighborhood, then Cabbagetown is your one-stop destination to rent rooms in Atlanta, Georgia!

8. Grant Park

Find the perfect room for rent in Atlanta at Grant Park neighborhood. Image Source: Google Images

The area is home to the Atlanta Zoo and some magnificent vintage architecture. You would spot victorian style houses and craftsman villas in the vicinity that would catch your eyes immediately. The neighborhood is calm and relaxed. As the name suggests, Grant Park too has a huge public park, and you can take a walk there anytime. The neighborhood is close to Oakland Cemetery, which has quite a several monuments to visit.

Atlanta is a gorgeous city, full of greenery and diverse neighborhoods. Finding rooms for rent in Atlanta won’t be a hassle if you use a trusted roommate to choose from genuine listings. You may even look for roommates to share rent and accommodation. With a few things in mind, finding the perfect neighborhood to rent a room in Atlanta would be a piece of cake.

  • Have a planned budget with a security deposit handy
  • Know what you need and want in the room rental
  • Plan your move in and shop efficiently to save money
  • Be aware of tenant rights and laws
  • Use a trusted roommate finder with a data privacy policy
  • Start looking for room rentals in advance
  • Lastly, sign a short term lease to save a lot of money