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Which Online Casino Games Are the Easiest To Win

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In the world of casino games and gambling, there are dozens of different things you can do, play, and bet on. Since it is so diverse and rich, many players often do not know what they want to play, which leads them to aimlessly wander on the online casino service playing games they never heard of.

This is not always a good strategy because you can hardly win any money by playing games you do not know. If you constantly switch between them and keep trying new games every time you decide to play, money prizes will seem impossible to win and stay elusive forever.

A much better strategy, if winning is what you are after, is to determine which games are the easiest to win and only play those. Exploring and having fun is one thing, but dominating in something easy or something you know is the best recipe to make some extra cash while you gamble online.

In the article before you, you will be able to learn all there is about the easiest games to win while gambling in one of the ever-popular online casinos. Gambling on the web has never been bigger than right now, both because of the current situation in the world, and the fact that the industry is always developing and adopting new technologies and features. To learn more about it all, do make sure to check out gambledex.com.

1. Blackjack

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Every player that wants to win regularly and not leave frustrated after each session should stick to Blackjack. It is the easiest game to win because it offers the best chances (or odds) at winning. Since you play against the dealer and not other players, it is always easier than other card games. The only goal is to have the highest possible totals in cards, but not going past 21. Since everyone plays against the dealer, there are certain strategies that make each player have even larger chances. The house edge is only 1.5%, and although there is still a lot of chance and luck involved, it is possible to lower this advantage and put the dealer in an even less favorable situation. Aim for live dealers and live playrooms instead of virtual ones.

2. Craps

While the above-mentioned card game is the easiest in its type, among dice games, craps are the absolute champion. There are several versions, and depending on which one you play, there is anywhere between 1.4% to 5% house edge. For the best chances of winning, about 50%, keep betting on the over or under the rule, that is whether the player rolling the dice will get the number in question or not. More precise bets increase the luck factor and randomness a lot and lower the chance at money, so if you want to win make sure to only bet on whether the one rolling manages to go over the total in question or not.

3. Baccarat

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Here is another casino-style game with a house edge of only 1.5%. This famous card game features comparing and it is played between two hands, the player hand and the banker’s hand. Each turn features three outcomes, a tie, a player hand, or a banker’s hand. Betting on the banker offers the highest chance of winning since it happens most often. Depending on the variety, either the player hand or the tie are the hardest to guess. In any case, for those looking to win while playing, the safest and best bet would be the banker’s hand.

4. Roulette

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Not a lot of people know or believe this but roulette is actually quite a favorable game, but only if you bet on the easiest outcome to guess. A single-zero roulette is the easier of the two to win with a housed edge of 2.5%. The double-zero one offers slightly less favorable chances because there is an extra number for the ball to land on. In any case, both 0 and 00 are green, while the other is half red and half blue. To win most often, only bet on either the color of the possible field or the number being odd or even. The payouts will of course stay low but the risk is the lowest possible as well. If you keep doing this and stay a winner, you will eventually win enough to make a difference.

5. Online (Video) Poker

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While regular poker varies greatly in your chances of winning mostly because it takes a lot of skill to win, its virtual counterpart is much easier to beat. The house edge of most video pokers is only 0.5% in most cases, but it often ranges up to 5%. It has been known to return to offer a return of as much as 100% due to the cashback features and many other bonuses and prizes. There are countless different machines with quite diverse elements and gameplay, but they all have the same basic concept.

6. Slots

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Lastly, we will mention the widely popular slot machines. While they are the most played game in every single traditional casino establishment, as well as possibly all online casinos, slots are infamous for the low chance of winning money. And it is quite easy to understand why. There is nothing involved in the final outcome but pure random factor and luck. There is no system or strategy that you can employ and increase your chance at winning, which means you are left to the algorithm and Lady Luck to either take the money away from you or give you something back. Considering the fact that most slot machines only offer huge jackpots as prizes, you will not be winning it. The reason they are popular is the appeal factor of the lever-pulling, and the neat-looking, beautiful lights and video elements involved. Sadly, it is these elements and symbols that will be your downfall due to the sheer amount of possible combinations, only one of which is the jackpot.

Conclusion and Takeaways

If you aim to win money while you gamble in an online casino, stick to the traditional games you know like blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette. If you are good at real poker, you might be able to win some games there as well. If not, try video poker. If you want to gamble with cryptocurrencies, visit sites like alternativecasinos.com. No matter what you do, however, do not fall for the attractiveness and the appeal of slot machines as they offer frustratingly and impossibly low chances at winning!