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How Online Bingo Is Becoming The Latest Trend In 2024

You read that right, Bingo is becoming one of the hottest online trends of 2024. What, the game about having numbers called out, and marking them on a card? That’s the one. More to the point, it is also becoming more popular with the 20 and 30 year old demographic, which flies in the face of snarky assumptions that it is only a game for the elderly.

It turns out that there is far more to Bingo than just the numbers aspect. Bingo happens to be a game that is largely about being social, which pretty much already explains the situation.

But there is much more to be said, so read on to get a better understanding of why this deceptively simple game is actually one of the biggest trends of the year.

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The Pandemic Game Changer

We’re all well aware that a pandemic is underway, which is the sort of spanner being thrown into the works that really will shake up an entire population. With the pandemic came a number of sensible rules and regulations, most notably the ‘social distancing’ aspect. It just isn’t very smart to out right now, and this means that real world social hotspots have quickly become ghost towns.

So what to do in your spare time? Why, binge some Netflix, hit some online games, and generally make entertainment happen in the comfort of your own home. We can all be very thankful that the pandemic happened to hit during an era where the online world is exceptionally advanced, and options are pretty abundant.

But there is just one little problem. Netflix isn’t exactly what could be called a social online activity. Plus, more traditional online games come with a few caveats, the most significant being that the focus generally isn’t on the social aspect of the experience. In fact, the social experience in many modern multiplayer games can be somewhat toxic, to say the least.

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Pleasant Online Interactions

So, as you may have already guessed, Bingo has a strong reputation for offering some of the most pleasant online social interactions possible. Very simply; players enter into Bingo looking to socialise, and that makes all the difference. Pleasant conversations are the norm, and many online friends are made.

What better place to have a chat, get to know a few unique people, and just enjoy a bit of online company? What’s more is that online Bingo means that there could well be players from across your region. Or perhaps even across the entire planet. Thus, Bingo is a veritable potpourri of interesting characters, all just looking to have a conversation. It is more or less exactly what the doctor ordered with social distancing rules in place.

If this is all sounding pretty good to you, take a look at online bingo Australia. Australians love a good chat as much as any other part of the world, and have a pretty good reputation for also being exceptionally friendly.

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A Growing Demographic

As already said, the perception that Bingo is a game for the elderly couldn’t be further from the truth. This cliché was generally perpetuated by the United Kingdom based Bingo halls, where indeed the game was a favourite of retired senior citizens. United Kingdom retirees often used Bingo halls as a convenient local establishment to gather, and enjoy one another’s company. But that stereotype is less true now than ever, even in the United Kingdom.

The 20 and 30 year old demographic has quickly exploded in the Bingo world, and some reports suggest that the numbers are only getting higher. Yes, 20 and 30 year olds love some company as much as anyone, and getting shot in the face for the fifth time in a row, while a teammate slings racial slurs around, isn’t much fun for anyone.

So, as local hangouts have fallen under lockdown rules, and 20 year olds get tired of the same old video game social interactions, Bingo has started to seem like a pretty logical choice.

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Bingo Isn’t Competitive

Perhaps the most important part of Bingo is that although it is played in a social online setting, those who participate aren’t going head to head with one another. Each player is simply waiting to hear numbers, and marking them on a board. So nothing anyone does will impact the outcome for any other player.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that this is the main reason the game is such a pleasant setting for social interactions. This all but entirely removes any competitive nature, and in fact, it just so happens that Bingo is a breeding ground for shared support amongst its community. The majority are supportive when another player wins, which flies in the face of the more traditional expectations for other online video games. No wonder the younger generation are getting into it.

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Gender Statistics

When it comes to traditional video games, statistics suggest that it is more or less an exact 50/50 split, as far as gender is concerned. Previous perceptions always assumed that gamers were mostly male, and that probably was true for a brief period when video games first emerged. You need only look at some of the earliest video games to understand why.

That number changed, and video games are now equally spread amongst the genders.


But what about Bingo?

Bingo, interestingly enough, is largely dominated by the female demographic. This is probably because, as tradition dictates, males are supposed to be more concerned with a competitive experience. Many male players may well even feel compelled to play a highly competitive online shooter, rather than a relaxing game like Bingo.

But those numbers are starting to change, and there is little wonder as to why. As more male gamers get tired of toxic online experiences, they are more likely to be drawn to something like Bingo.

When they get there, they may be a little surprised to find that many of the other players are younger females. What an interesting situation.