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6 Ways Oats Can Actually Impact Your Lifestyle

The word healthy nutrition is trendy right now. People are looking to incorporate more healthy food into their regular diet. The focus remains on protein-rich foods. Protein, along with dietary fiber in breakfast, is an excellent way to start the day. One of the best foods that provide protein, calories, dietary fibers and antioxidants is Oats or Oatmeal.

Oats are one of the best grains to choose from when it comes to foods that are great for health. A variety of “instant oats” varieties have started to appear on the market in an effort to encourage more people to eat these beneficial grains. Most instant oats are high-protein oats popular amongst healthy and active people. Instant oats are the best oats for protein requirements.

What are Oats?

Oats are gluten-free whole grains, making them extremely beneficial to consume. Oats can be mixed with a variety of freshly cut fruits, milk, and even vegetables to create a wholesome meal that makes them great to eat anytime – breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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Nutritional Value of Oats

Per 100 gm oats, provide approx.

  • Calories – 390
  • Fat – 7g
  • Carbohydrate – 66g
  • Protein – 15g
  • Dietary fibers – 11g
  • Sodium – 2g
  • Potassium – 429mg
  • Essential vitamins and minerals

As mentioned above, oats are extremely nutritious food. Oats also provide complete nutrition for all food groups. Oats also help to avoid sugar.

Types of Oats

Oats are made of whole grain. Oats are made from the seeds of these plants and processed to make different varieties.

  • Instant Oats – instant oats are precooked, dried, rolled, and pressed to form flakes. They can be made with ingredients of your choice, and you’re good to go!
  • Rolled Oats – rolled oats are also known as classic oats. They are pressed and steamed but not pre-cooked.
  • Steel-cut Oats – steel cut oats are chewy and are made with minimum processing. They take the longest to cook because they are not teamed or flattened.

How Do Oats Impact Lifestyle?

More and more people are trying to have oats as breakfast or as a meal. Oats provide the following benefits to the body and help to improve health.

1. Oats help to improve digestion

Oats are rich in fiber, and they help to improve digestion. Fibers are good for bowel movement, keeping the digestive system running smoothly and efficiently. It takes about 90 minutes for oats to digest compared to pulses and beans, which take around 120 minutes to digest.

Oats help to prevent gas, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and even irritable bowel syndrome. Including oats in the regular diet is an excellent way to address digestive problem.

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2. Oats help to improve heart health

Oats help to lower cholesterol. High bad cholesterol (LDL) levels lead to various heart problems, including clogged arteries, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Including oats in the diet can help to decrease bad cholesterol, thereby protecting from heart problems. Oats can also help to reduce blood pressure. Furthermore, oats can help to reduce other signs of heart disease, such as hypertension.

3. Oats help in weight loss

Oats help to manage weight in multiple ways. Oats for fat loss is an excellent choice as they have low-fat and low-calorie content. Because they are rich in fiber, they simulate the feeling of a full stomach, thereby reducing your need to eat. There are plenty of recipes to make different types of healthy oats. Adding healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts and seeds elevate the health quotient of the oatmeal.

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4. Oats help in muscle building

Oats are high in protein. Instant oats are the best oats for protein. Protein is the main nutrient for muscle building. Including oats in your bodybuilding diet can be beneficial. Oats benefit muscle building. Consuming oats post-workout can help to regenerate new cells, build muscles & tissues and maintain an overall healthy body.

5. Oats help to boost immunity

Strong immunity is very important as it is the first line of defense. Oats benefit to boost immunity. Oats contain beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is vital for the health of neutrophils. Neutrophils help the body fight off infections and diseases.

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6. Oats help to improve sleep

People generally eat Oats for breakfast. But eating oats before bedtime has its benefits. Oats contain melatonin and complex carbohydrates that help more tryptophan enter the brain and help to sleep.


With such amazing benefits, it is a great choice to make oats a regular part of the diet. Try the best oats for protein in breakfast to fulfill your protein requirements. As people get busy with their life, there is an increasing demand for instant oats. They are easy to prepare and take care of nutrition requirements. Oats are simply too good to pass on without giving them a try. Making oats is also an opportunity to try new recipes. So, let the chef inside you show some creativity and make tasty and healthy oats every day.