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Top 5 Niagara Area Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2024

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Whether you are in Canada or the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the best destinations you would find rather impressive. Located at the Canada – US border, it attracts more than 30 million visitors every year.

The Niagara Falls have access to a wonderful collection of tourist attractions around it. Of course, the locations around it are dwarfed explicitly by the magnificence of the Niagara Falls, but we still find it one of the excellent options around you should check out.

Top 5 Niagara Area tourist attractions to visit in 2024

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Like we stated already, Niagara Falls has plenty of tourist attractions surrounding it. Once you are done with the Niagara Falls and the magnificent experience that it offers, you can also check out these attractions as well. That would further intensify your experience further.

1. Niagara Falls Boat Tour

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A boat tour in the falls? Yes, you heard it right. The Hornblower catamaran should be one of the exciting tourist attractions that you would find quite impressive and unique in its own right. You can witness the Niagara Falls with the most exciting close proximity.

The experience can get boosted further with the 700-seater Niagara Thunder and Niagaran Wonder boats. The awe-inspiring wonder offered by the platform would make it one of the perfect experiences ever. In fact, the concept has been unique in itself and has been one of the ideal options for the last 170 years.

2. White Water Walk

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With the White Water Walk, you will get access to the raw power of the Niagara Falls. You will indeed experience a powerful roar of the river along with the unique calmness of the surroundings. It can be an enjoyable experience that you won’t forget. Perhaps a perfect setting for a romantic experience ever.

The location has several viewing platforms, and each of them has been placed at the river’s edge. They would provide you with an option to get up close and much close to the natural power of Niagara Falls. These are self-guided tours and provides you with an insight into the history of Niagara Falls.

3. Butterfly Conservatory

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The conservatory is located on the grounds of Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. You would be able to witness thousands of different species of butterflies along with the trickling waterfalls. The location also offers you access to a huge paradise of vegetation and an excellent option.

The Butterfly Conservatory hosts more than 2000 butterflies. These belong to over 45 different species. You can witness a great experience and be one with nature with this self-guided tour. Before you begin your journey into this wonderful world of butterflies, you can also find access to a completely informative video presentation. That would help you understand the garden and the butterfly in a more positive manner.

4. The Old Niagara Fort

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The Niagara Fort or the old Niagara Fort is located near the Niagara Falls. In fact, it offers you access to a wonderful experience of what can be termed as the history of Niagara and the surrounding areas. It has been considered to be the longest operating fort in the USA.

It may be noticed that the Old Niagara Fort has played a vital role in the American Revolution. The fort has also been an important part of the French wars and Indian wars as well. Of course, if you have been visiting Canada, and paying a visit to the Niagara Falls, you may need to move into the US part of the falls.

5. The Niagara Aquarium

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The Niagara region is home to a wide range of aquatic life ever. With the Niagara Aquarium, you are set to witness a perfect and knowledgeable tour into the unforgettable aquatic life at the Niagara Falls. This is one of the perfect options in the Niagara area that can indeed complete your experience.

Apart from the options to witness the aquatic life, the place is also home to a wide range of educational exhibits ever. The Niagara Aquarium provides you access to be one with more than 300 different species of aquatic life ever. You would also witness over 30 different educational exhibits as well. A few of the options worthy of mentioning would include sea lion show, harbor seal presentations, and penguin feeding sessions.

What are the options to visit these attractions?

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So, those were a few excellent and exciting options that you can witness in and around Niagara Falls. Depending upon the members in your group, you can opt for different options for transportation. In fact, our preference would be to check out the Limo services or party Bus services based on your exact requirements.

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Well, Niagara Falls is one of the prominent tourist attractions that every one of us longs to visit at least once in one’s life. While the Niagara Falls in itself is an excellent experience in itself, the surrounding locations and a host of other attractions around it should ideally make it one of the great choices we would ever want to go with.

We assume the list of the select options we listed here should be quite exciting and impressive in every right. We would just expect you to enjoy the excellence and the roar of nature to your heart’s content at the Niagara Falls, and then once you have enjoyed it to the core – just move around the other unique attractions that area has on offer. And don’t forget to share your views and experiences with us.