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4 Signs You Need a Better Law Firm to Represent Your Business

The world of business is a cutthroat one. This is not a nice thing to say but it is how it is. To survive you need to grow and be strong, and never turn your back on anyone. While this sounds like we’re introducing you to the mafia, it’s not like that. Most companies do not encounter only business challenges but also legal ones. That’s why it is vital to have a proper law firm on your side to worry about your interests. Once you choose a company, don’t think that all the work is done.

Even if you have reputable people in your legal department and you’ve been partnering for a long time, it doesn’t mean they’re doing their job the right way. No, even lawyers are humans, and with time they need to be checked up on their obligations. If you’re not sure what we are getting on, don’t worry. This article will focus on the subject of being able to recognize when you need a change in your legal team. If you keep on reading you’ll see our four signs you need a better law firm to represent your business.

If you have the best interest of your company in mind, you’ll read this piece with care. You might be able to recognize some of the signs which will enable you to pull the right move and push your firm forward.

1. Lack of Communication

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When it comes to legal matters, communicating matters is half of the work. When you’re leading a business venture you need to be in line with all the matters involving your company. Being in touch with your legal team stands at the top of this list. So, if the communication channels aren’t open at all times, you ought to know something is wrong.

When and if you have a question regarding your company and its legal issues, the law firm you hired needs to be available at all times. The first sign that you might need a change in this department is when all your questions aren’t answered in time and the manner they should be. If you’re finding yourself in a situation like this, the change should be imminent and you should push for it. Another solution and a better partner might be waiting around the corner, and if you’re already seeking a change, you can find one if you look here.

2. Your Needs Aren’t a Priority

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Now, we’re not saying that every law firm is working like a clock as they show it in the TV show Boston Legal. No, but some norms and obligations need to be met. As a business owner, the interests of your firm are a priority for you. Of course, major law firms have multiple clients, some of which pay more and some of which pay less for their services. It doesn’t matter in which bracket you fall in. Once the contract is signed it becomes evident who needs to do what and when.

While the law firm in question might have bigger clients they’re contractually obligated to meet the needs that you arranged. If you start feeling like they’re not fulfilling their end of the bargain the time to move on might be on the table. Now, this is not a Blood pact, like in Harry Potter that can’t be broken. No, you can end your contract with any law firm especially if they’re in the wrong. In this situation, you’ll even be entitled to compensation if you choose to pursue it.

3. No Enthusiasm Present

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Every legal matter your firm might have is a serious issue for you, as it should be. It shouldn’t be any different for the lawyers who cooperate with you. Of course, you need to take into consideration that you’re not their only client. Despite this, once you’re discussing your case or a legal issue you need to know that they’re fully focused on your matter and you as a client. The mutual understanding that the direction you’re taking, the speed you’re moving on with, and the general state of mind are all on the same page.

Furthermore, you’ll always want to be given an attorney from the law firm who is well versed in the matters you have on the table, and that shares your enthusiasm that everything will be dealt with properly. The lack of enthusiasm on their part might be a clear sign that a breakup is imminent. Serious legal matters can’t be handled halfheartedly if we were taught anything by Donald P. Bellisario, David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, and their JAG team.

4. Lack of Transparency When it Comes to Billing

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If there was ever a red flag in legal matters then it is this one. As you probably know, hiring a law firm is never cheap. Attorneys are highly educated individuals who receive hefty sums for their services. This is all right as long as they’re providing satisfying services. When it comes to companies and law firms working together the billing system needs to be established.

Having additional and unsuspected costs when it comes to legal matters can be unpleasant and surprising but for all the wrong reasons. It’s not like law first to have menus with their display prices, but their services and the price you need to pay need to be established in the signed contract. If you start experiencing fluctuations in the price you pay for legal services you need to be worried. It’s not uncommon for law firms to behave in an unprofessional and unethical manner. You should be the one to notice this and react appropriately.

Paying hefty sums for legal services is all well and good when you receive the protection Bobby Axelrod and Axe Capital did from Orrin Bach. In any other case, there’s no need to go overboard or to pay compensation for the expenses you don’t fully comprehend. It’s better to look into it and see if there’s something fishy rather than complying with ever-growing bills.