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How Do You Store Valuables When Moving Long Distance?

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Dealing with moving to another address can be a struggling process. Therefore, you should always secure a good plan on time. The key is to store all your stuff in the right way so you can avoid damage and other issues.

If you don’t pay special attention to how you will place your things into boxes, the process when you get to the new location will be even more struggling. The best approach is to mark the boxes where you will determine different ones for clothes, items that could be broken during transport, and valuable items.

Choosing the right assistance is also very important. You can use their experience to create a better outline and main plan related to how you will store different things in boxes. If you need this service in Longueuil, get more information here.

When it comes to jewelry, you don’t have to worry about potential damage since there is no way to break a golden ring or similar item. However, the problem can be with art, documents, and other things. Also, smaller pieces could be lost in the process. Here are some of the best ways to store valuable items when you are changing your address.

Create the List

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If the main reason why you are feeling insecure about the items you want to place in some box is that you don’t trust the service you hired for this process, the solution for that is quite simple. First of all, explore the market and be sure that you have found a well-known company that is reliable.

You can add some terms to the contract where this service will be responsible for missing and broken items. After that, you will create a list of all valuables and determine how you will store them. That will help the workers to pay more attention while carrying some boxes.

Get the Right Boxes

Many people are making the same mistake when they decide to get the first boxes they find for this process. You should never place valuable items in cheap boxes that don’t have additional support for heavier things. Also, you can find special designs for dishes, jewelry, pictures, and more.

When it comes to art, like statues, portraits, and more, you can choose boxes with additional foam inside, or use fabric to cover the pictures and prevent damage. When it comes to precious metals and gemstones, metal boxes are the best option.

When it comes to standard boxes, you can still store some valuable things there, like documents and decorations. However, be sure to use the tape to strengthen each side. In the end, always mark the box with expensive products so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

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Keep Them With You

If you have a problem with trusting any service about safely delivering your expensive items, you should deal with them on your own. Simply take all of these things before the service arrives at your address, put them in some separate box, bag, or backpack, and carry them with you all the time.

If you have a safe in your home, it is a good idea to keep all things there. However, keep in mind that the service might charge you more for the transport of your strongbox if it is a bigger model due to its higher weight.

Get the Right Boxes

This is an excellent way that will help you feel less stress during the process. You can get a policy for all of your items like jewelry, precious metals, valuable documents, gemstones, and more. Check If there is an agency that will allow you to create a short-term contract that will be active only until the moving process is finished.

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Consider the Features

As we already mentioned, gold and other similar products cannot be damaged even if the box gets broken and they fall on the ground. However, if you have an expensive chandelier, ceramic statue, or any other highly fragile product, it is essential to store it in the right way before getting it inside the truck.

The approach is not the same for any of these pieces. For example, you can bring the statues without keeping them in boxes, but they have to be tightened during transport. When it comes to glass and ceramics, they must be protected with proper isolation.

Choose the Right Company

This is not something that you should choose so easily. Contacting the first service you find can lead to many issues in the case that they are unreliable, or if they simply don’t have enough experience. In that matter, it is sometimes a much better idea to invest more money here so you can be more relaxed while your stuff is being transported.

You can explore various companies online by checking comments from other people on different platforms. Still, keep in mind that some companies might be paying for positive comments, which means that you should look on more than one website or forum.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, this is not something that you will manage to deal with overnight. The best approach is to start with planning at least a whole month before the date. Also, paying attention to deals will help you make it much easier when you reach the new address. That is especially related to marked boxes and proper layout.

While making mistakes with storing can only lead to more time needed to place them in your new home, the problems can become much more serious if something gets broken or lost. That is especially the case with valuable pieces.

In that matter, the best approach is to keep jewelry with you and be sure that art and other expensive products are provided with proper isolation in the truck so they won’t get damaged even in case of a road accident. Also, you should determine some terms with the service where you should add a detail where they are responsible in case of damage or if they lose some of your things.