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Model Of The Moment : Vinese Ross (Pics + Video)

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Atlanta, GA… Vinese Ross is the perfect combination of mid-west swing and southern bounce that will make heads turn. Her naturally curvaceous features and exotic looks have already created some buzz in the modeling and entertainment industries. Vinese is a humble hard-worker who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty… literally. By day, she is the se*iest cleaning lady that you have ever seen… and by night, she is the new diva on the scene, ready to run the show. What do you rate Vinese 1-10?

Age: 21
Ethinicity: Black
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 (50 pounds of booty)
Contact: [email protected]
Locations: Atlanta, GA (Jonesboro)

Twitter @vinese_ross