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Which MMO Game Has the Hardest Raids?

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Each massively multiplayer online game or MMO has its own cult following. There are some dedicated gamers who are experts and veterans on a particular platform. But if you are thinking of upping your level of difficulty in the gameplay, you will need to make the switch to a better alternative. There are quite a few MMOs that have the hardest raids.

We say there are multiple contenders because one player’s tough is another player’s easy. So we will try to give you a balanced perspective when you are looking for the hardest raids across all the gaming platforms. So let us dive into knowing about the MMO games with the hardest raids.

World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is undoubtedly at the top of our list because of its difficulty level at its peak. The connection slowly increases in difficulty making it one of the best MMO games to have difficult to complete raids. Other platforms are emerging with tough raids, but World of Warcraft remains the top contender. There were multiple raid bosses in World of Warcraft that made raiding extremely tough to accomplish.

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Algalon the Observer

When we talk about major raid bosses, Algalon the Observer from WoW is the biggest threat. In the entire history of the game, the best raid scenario featured this raid boss. The best part about reading and World of Warcraft was that this raid boss was available to play against only once a week, and that too for a one hour window.

With the introduction of Algalon, whose mission was punishing raid bosses, the community in WoW was rife with discussions about the increased difficulty in the game, much like the toughness level of Burning Crusade. This was the toughest red and took about two months for players to be successful against Algalon the Observer. All in all, it took three months for a player to defeat this raid boss without a single casualty. This achievement was literally shown in the skies to give the player a sense of achievement.


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Kel’Thuzad, a subordinate of the Lich King from Vanilla WoW, is a notable mention when we are discussing the hardest raids. This was the toughest raid of all time because very few players actually reached the final level to fight this ultimate raid boss. Only 135 guilds were able to actually fight with this raid boss.

A particular raid has a maximum limit of 40 players. This brings the count of the people who reached the final level to about 5500 players. Given that there are millions of active players, you can reduce how difficult clear this rate would have been. The Naxxramas raid was eventually rereleased, and even though it saw massive participation, very few players can boast of reaching the final level.

Arthas of Menethil

Arthas from the Wrath of the Lich King is another notable mention. Many players still look back to this particular raid with nostalgia. This raid boss resided at a level that required players to go through multiple levels of difficulty before reaching him. In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion of World of Warcraft, a player had to go through 11 subordinate bosses before reaching Arthas.


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Archimonde from Warlords of Draenor was a raid Boss who took players back to the times of The Burning Crusade. He was also the raid boss in Hellfire Citadel. Hellfire Citadel was one of the toughest raids in World of Warcraft history because of several different reasons. Before reaching the final raid boss, there were 13 other bosses to go through.

The reveal of the raid boss featured a mythic phase that was supposed to be secret and more rewarding to a player who has been spending a lot of time going through different levels. Players had to go through multiple attempts because the mechanism to master required time.


Kil’Jaeden was the raid boss of Tomb of Sargeras. This was our tough read to complete because it took as many as 650 attempts to kill the final raid boss. Kil’Jaeden did make multiple appearances throughout World of Warcraft history, but the use of this raid boss in Tomb of Sargeras was noteworthy.

This thread also had a secret phase that could only be revealed to players who reached the final level. In a time when streaming was not a common practice, this final level was a complete surprise which increased the difficulty of completing this raid. The importance of communication was highlighted in this rate because Tomb of Sargeras was exceptionally good at taking advantage of the weaknesses of different raid parties.

Other Hard MMO Games

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There are MMO games other than WoW that offer plenty of challenges to their players. While WoW is still the king, you can try these out for some change in action. Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2 are worth mentioning in our list for their toughness, with their raid bosses presenting plenty of complications to pass through. The Dark Age of Camelot and Wildstar also have some notable raids known for their difficulty.

The Takeaway

You will need to find the right MMO game as per your inclination to play a tough game. World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the toughest when it comes to raids, so make sure you make them short from this experience. There are many other MMO games worth trying if you want to get through different levels of difficulty. Take advantage of the information available on community forums and try out boosting services as well. While looking out for difficulty is great, be open to having fun.