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Why Choose a Mini Portable Storage Unit in Melbourne

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Do you need storage for your belongings and you have a monthly budget?

If you do, you will benefit from using mini portable storage. Yes, you will have many other storage options in Melbourne, but this one might be the cheapest and easiest choice.

Want to know why it’s the best for busy people who want to save money? Keep scrolling and we’ll tell you!

Source: janusintl.com

What Is Mini Portable Storage?

Mini portable storage, or sometimes called tiny mobile storage units, are small-sized storage units designed specially for people who need small-scale storage.

As for the sizes, mini portable storage units range from 6ft to 8ft containers that fit approximately 2 bedrooms worth of stuff. So, if you are looking for storage, but not too much space, this is a great choice.

Plus, this storage system is portable. That means, the storage container comes to you, not the other way around. The company will deliver the container to your premises and store it for you.

There are different types of mini portable storage that suits different needs, which are;

  • Portable service storage, which is a premium service. The company will deliver the unit, load your belongings in, and store it for you. Once you are ready to have your things back, they will deliver it back to you.
  • Portable self-storage, which lets you load your stuff yourself, but you don’t need to worry about the delivery and the collecting of the unit.
  • Onsite self storage, which is a suitable choice if you want to have full access to your unit. The unit will be delivered to your place and kept there until you are ready for the company to collect it.

If you need to see if the prices suited your budget, hop over to the next section!

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The Benefits of Mini Portable Storage

Mini portable storage is specifically built to suit the busy Melburnian lifestyle, so it is highly convenient for you. Aside from its convenience, this portable storage is;

• Affordable

This service is really cheap. For a 6ft container, that can fit around 2 bedroom worth of stuff (10 cubic metres), the weekly price is $22.95.

If you need a little bit more space, the 8ft container (11.5 cubic metres) you can get your unit for $24.95 per week.

• Strong and Protected

The mini storage units are built with steel frames and quality wood and steel. Therefore, when your things are put inside, the unit will protect them from weather, water, dust, and vermin.

So, you can be rest assured that your belongings will come back to you intact.

• Complete Service

Mini portable storage comes with a complete end-to-end service that puts your needs first. The company will handle the delivering and storing the unit for you. You just need to give them a call and they will come to you.

Moreover, there is a premium service that can save you the hassle of loading your things into the unit. You can ask the company to deliver, load, and store the unit so you can focus on other things.

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• Flexible Storage Arrangement

Due to its handy size, the storage unit is very accessible. That’s why you have the freedom to choose where to store it.

You can either store it in a secure storage facility provided by your company, or you can store it on your premises. That way, you can have access to it anytime you want.

• Secure Storage Facility

If you choose to store your unit in the storage facility, you can trust that it is secure. The storage facility will be equipped with CCTV cameras, alarm system, and staff monitoring 24/7.

Keep in mind that you have to trust where you put your belongings. Choose carefully and make sure that your chosen company has these measures in place.

• Added Protection During Transit

Lastly, a good company will give you complementary protection for your belongings during transit. Those protection should include;

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Furniture blanket
  • Tie down rails (to tie your furniture and hold them in place)

Inquire about these extra protection to save you the hassle in the long run.

• No Fixed Contract

Lastly, you need to ask your company for their minimum time period for storage. Most companies will require around a month minimum, and you can extend for as long as you want.

This allows you to rent the unit for an indefinite time until you are ready to return it.

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So, What Kind of Storage Problems Mini Portable Storage Can Help Me With?

Mini portable storage will solve your small-scale storage problems. The most common use for this storage will be for home renovation.

Therefore, while you are doing improvements to your house, your belongings will be safely stored inside the unit.

Another popular demand is seasonal storage, especially for businesses. Storing your seasonal stuff and getting them out again during peak time is a great way to save space.

Plus, you can use the unit for as long as you want, so you don’t have to worry about returning it when you are not ready yet.

Other uses for mini portable storage includes;

  • Decluttering
  • Toy rotation
  • End of rent moving
  • Antique art storing

This versatile storage can help your storage problems in a pinch. With just one phone call, you can store your belongings without worry.


Mini portable storage is a perfect solution for Melburnian who needs a small storage space. It is convenient, affordable, secure, and suited for any kind of activities like renovation and seasonal storing.

You can also use it for small-scale projects like decluttering, toy rotation, and art storing. With just $22.95 per week, you can complete your projects without a hitch.

It is also a portable service that saves your time because the company handles the delivery and storage of the unit. With this service, you can focus on your project and be assured that your belongings are taken care of.