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Meanings of Hot Dreams

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Sigmund Freud, considered the father of psychoanalysis, wrote extensively about dream theories and their interpretations in the early 20th century. According to Freudian theory, dreams are expressions of the deepest desires and longings, often related to repressed childhood memories or obsessions.

Real dreaming is one of the most incredible things human beings are capable of. It is a unique moment when, as has been said, the deepest desires and aspirations come to the surface. It is a time, which for many, has a spiritual and energetic bias.

Since ancient times, people have claimed to have had “astral travel” in their sleep, the fluctuation of consciousness, also known as the “out-of-body experience”. It is more common than one might think. In some cases, people are aware of leaving the body, but others make this journey unconsciously.

And since everyone dreams, but no one can fully master what happens in the dream, the subject has fascinated mankind for millennia. That’s why Skokka decided to explore the topic with sexy London escorts (https://uk.skokka.com/escorts/london/), to help develop self-awareness and the ability to understand and interpret what is dreamt.

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The meaning of dreams

There are many formulas and ways to interpret the meaning of dreams, precisely because it is not an absolute science, far from it! What happens while sleeping is intimate and strongly related to what is experienced when one is awake.

There is an assumption that every dream has a meaning, but this is not entirely true. Precisely because dreams are based on individual reactions. For example, someone who has lost a loved one and is in the process of grieving may have a negative reference, while couples in love have the opposite feeling, and might have dreams that are not only happy, but hot!

Erotic dreams, what do they mean?

The dream is nothing more than a manifestation of the previously repressed subconscious. Sometimes aware, sometimes not. If one spends the day stimulating eroticism, thinking about it, masturbating or sending unconscious commands to the brain, it is very likely that one’s psyche will store it and at some point it will come in the form of a dream.

But there are also dreams that seemingly make no sense at all. There was no prior stimulation or exposure that led the mind to memorise the subject. Not even a hot thought with an independent escort.

Precisely because dreams don’t always mean something obvious or directly related to what is seen, the list below will give you the most common implicit reasons:

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To dream of having sex with one’s ex, having a threesome, kissing a person of the same sex, usually indicates a hidden desire for fulfilment, although in some cases it may only indicate curiosity.


Dreaming of sleeping with the boss, teacher or best friend…. Who has never experienced this? Some studies suggest that this is related to the leadership role these people play, in addition, of course, to admiration. When connecting with someone deeply, it’s hard to avoid nightly sexual dreams, even if it doesn’t mean an intention to be intimate with that person.


Sadomasochistic sex, having sex on the beach with an Aussie private escort, in public places… there are many stimuli that the brain receives with the influence of pornography, which stimulates the fantasy side and is reflected in the hours of sleep.


Erotic or racy dreams can also represent lack. It is a mental need to feel loved, desired, and mainly affects people who have relationship problems.


Here, the need is literally of the body, after a long period of abstinence from sex, it is normal for the body to send orders to the mind that turn into naughty dreams at night.

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Recurring sex dreams with an ex

If you are fresh to a breakup, dreaming hot dreams about your ex is not that uncommon. After all, you spend some significant amount of time with that person.

However, if the dreams recurred for months, it can be a sign that you are deeply grieving and might need some professional help to get over the break up.

Dreaming about a stranger?

This can be a sign about your active libido. If you are in a relationship, it might be a good idea to communicate with your partner and be open about your desires, and what you want more of. Keep in mind that your partner might not want the same thing, so compromising can go a long way.

Dirty talk

You find yourself dreaming about sex that involves dirty talk, but in reality, you are very shy and afraid to tell that to your partner? One way is to just forget about that dream and don’t speak of it. But what about if the dreams happened more than once? Again, communication is key, and talking honestly to your partner can bring you relief and pleasure.

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And are there differences between men and women?

Studies show that there are no major disagreements, but there are some differences. Thus, for example, women have more dreams about celebrities or ex-partners and men are more inclined to have about group sex.

Whether to release repressed sexual instincts, frustrated desires, ratify fantasies or even relive past emotions, erotic dreams can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. There are even cases of people who report having reached orgasm in their sleep.

As dreams are subjective, the meanings can be erotic or even unrelated. Therefore, there is no need to feel bad or uncomfortable about having them. However, if it gets to the point of causing major discomfort, it is recommended to consult specialised professionals, such as psychologists, sexologists and therapists. To enjoy this moment of relaxation and pleasure.


Dreams can be interpreted in many ways and hot dreams are no exception. By analysing the meanings of your hot dream, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and what is going on inside your mind at that moment. In this article, we explored some of the most common interpretations for hot dreams and give you some tips on how to make the most out of them. So put on your analytical cap and think about the topic!