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9 Easy Steps to Make Your Retail Store More Attractive to Customers

Many retail stores nowadays are struggling with their business because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Right now is a critical stage to make or break their business. However, some retail stores might already be bouncing back. You might want to know how they are doing it.

There are effective ways to get more customers for your retail store. However, with the numerous possibilities, it can get confusing and overwhelming which ones to pick.

The key here is to look deeper into what you have not been doing to improve your sales. To help you out, we will give you some easy steps to pull more customers into your store. So, let us check each step below:

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Step 1: Re-evaluate Your Marketing Strategies

This method requires your complete honesty to get the information you need. List down the things you have been doing right that help improve your sales.

Then, think about the things that might be wrong in your store. Start with your marketing materials and then move to your training programs, processes, and allocation of labor. Write them down on the same list as what you have been doing right.

Once you finish your list, pick the five best and worst things from the list. This way, you get to know which areas you should keep doing and improve more to get more customers.

Step 2: Change the Things That Are Not Working

This step is the reason why you picked the worst things from your list. You must work your way up in changing the wrong things. This can include firing a staff member who has to go.

Changing each little by little will help you feel better. You need to take action that can make things better, so you feel better as well. If it deals with firing a staff member, do it politely. It is also important to make them understand about your business goals without hurting their feelings.

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Step 3: Train Your Crew in Sales

It is important for your staff to know about sales because they will be doing it. Train them to make sales effectively. You can spend a paid overtime hour every working day for a certain period to educate them about sales.

Once they know the principles, allow them to apply it. Let them advertise your products in front of your store. See how many people they can invite to enter your store. Take note of performers and those who perform poorly. This way, you know who needs more training. You can also reward the performers.

Step 4: Improve Your Store’s Appearance

This step is extremely important because your store’s appearance represents the image of your brand. So, you have to make it attractive, colorful, and striking.

For instance, you can change the decorations in your store or move things around. One unique idea you can try is to improve your store’s lighting: you can try LED neon flex lighting as it is modern, colorful, and flexible. For high-quality lights, consider GindeStar LED for optimum performance and durability. Their products come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and dimensions.

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Step 5: Create a Bond with Your Employees and Customers

This step is important to achieve great success with your business. You need to create bonds that can contribute to helping you achieve your goals. First, look for ways to connect with your employees. This is essential to make them feel good, so they transfer that emotion to your customers. When you have happy customers, they buy more from you.

You also have to create that connection with your customers. This will help build trust from them, making them loyal to your store. You can give freebies if they reach a certain amount of purchase. You can also give them discounts if they buy in bulk. This makes them happy and want to buy from you more.

Step 6: Invite Prospects and Existing Customers Using Your Email

Once you create that bond with your customers, it is easy for them to trust you. When they do, inviting them to your store again will be a little easier. Use your email to send the invitation to both prospects and customers.

Your subject line must be compelling that promises benefits, not coupons or discounts. Make the email’s body more personal as you thank them for trusting your store. You should also thank your prospects for spending time reading your email. You can include tips when buying items, which is extremely helpful.

The last part of your email should be a call to action. You must aim to make them do something after reading your email. You can simply tell them to come to your store and invite their friends as well.

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Step 7: Use Social Media Marketing

You have to extend your marketing efforts to social media to reach a wider market. Facebook and Instagram are two powerful social media platforms for marketing.

You must build an online presence nowadays if you want to succeed in your business. Use your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to promote your retail store.

Produce regular content that is catchy and engaging to increase the interest of your followers in your store. Make sure to create images and videos as these types of content are attractive on social media.

Step 8: Change Your Parking Space

One factor that you should not forget to attract more customers is your parking space. You do not want your customers to feel frustrated because of your parking lot, right? You must secure a space that is easily accessible for them. If your parking space is at the back of the store, move it in front. You should make their lives a lot easier when they come to your store.

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Step 9: Focus Your Attention on Your Business and Not Others

Instead of looking at other retail stores, focus on improving yours. They have things to attend to, and you have yours. Work on marketing your brand further and look for more effective marketing strategies.

Knowing that your competitors are doing great will not make you feel better. If their business is not doing well, it will not make you feel better as well. You can make good friends with them though and create strong partnerships.


Struggles in getting more customers are part of the process to succeed. You must experience them to work your way up. The important thing is to know how you can find solutions to these problems. If you follow each step carefully, attracting customers to your retail store will not be that difficult. So, start doing Step 1 now!