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LLC in Wyoming, USA: An Offshore Haven for Non-Residents

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Did you know that the state of Wyoming is in fact an offshore haven? You probably didn’t, and we are going to tell you why we love Wyoming as a business destination. There are four states in the USA where non-residents flock in to register a company: Nevada, Delaware, Florida, and Wyoming. The first three destinations are more widely known, while Wyoming is at the onset of its glorious journey to popularity.

The state of Wyoming actually offers really beneficial conditions: LLC registration and maintenance will cost you less than in its three competitive destinations, and you will take advantage of more privacy as the only information disclosed to the public will be the fact that your company exists. An LLC in Wyoming will imply respect in the global business world, access to the US market and beyond, and an excellent tax structure to benefit from. This is a short post on Wyoming, and if you want to know much more about Wyoming LLC for non-residents, please visit our portal. We have qualified specialists who will answer any questions you may have and help you start a company without much hassle.

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Take a look at the benefits of registering an LLC in Wyoming:

  • A Wyoming LLC is actually a combination of corporation and partnership that offers a partnership-like tax structure along with limited liability.
  • Limited liability is secured by law even if an LLC has only one member.
  • The owner’s personal information is kept confidential.
  • Liability of members is proportionate to their contribution, which is set out in the Operating Agreement. The Agreement is a confidential document that is not shared with any organization.
  • Partnership-like tax structure implies that all the profit is transferred to the members and regarded as their private income. If a member is not a US tax resident and 100% of income is generated outside the US, no taxes will be payable in the US (however, you will be taxed by your home country). Non-residents can quickly launch an LLC in Wyoming by working with a business formation agency. Read this SmallBusinessHQ Incfile vs ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom comparison post to learn about the different business formation services you can get for your business formulation.

A person indispensable to Wyoming LLC formation is a registered agent

This is true if you are a non-resident, of course. You will need a person to be the main point of contact for your LLC and receive all the information from the authorities. The notice of a lawsuit being filed against you will also be sent to the agent’s office.  A registered agent may be easily changed by filling out a form.

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Bank account for your non-resident LLC in Wyoming

In most cases, prospective LLC owners wish to open an account with a US bank, which is quite logical as you will need it to conduct operations on behalf of an American company.

There are three options here:

  • An account with an online bank, such as Mercury or Revolut USA (not all businesses are accepted, though).
  • An account with a large US bank, like Bank of America or Chase. If you opt for this opportunity, you will need a US-based co-signer (and we can provide this service).
  • An account with a mid-sized bank opened online. This option is available if you are prepared to make a deposit starting from $50,000.

If you feel that choosing a bank is a hard mission to accomplish, schedule a free meeting with our experts to choose a solution that will suit your needs best.

Clients that rely on us to register their Wyoming LLC with a bank account (or without) never regret their choice. Neither will you.

We wish you a successful realization of your business plans!