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What is Line Betting?

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If you are a sports and a betting fan, then you certainly know what is line betting. But if you somehow don’t know, but you’ve heard about it, maybe now is the right time to find out. If you are looking to start betting and get into this exciting world of sports and predictions you first need to know some basic things.

Many words are being used, often some slang and it’s normal for someone that doesn’t come from this world to know what everything means. Everything that comes with betting is exciting, but there are some things you need to know before you start your journey. Learning a bit more will make your new experience better and safer.

That’s why in this article we are going to help you learn more about line betting, what does it mean, how can you bet and on what. If you are interested to learn more, keep reading this article.

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What type of betting is line betting?

Line betting is a type of sports betting where you can bet on a team and when there are two possible outcomes. When it comes to line betting the bookmaker handicaps a team by setting a margin. And it is called line betting because the margin that is set is also called the line. By setting a margin or a line the game and the outcomes are made equal.

If one side is better than the other you can back them to win by more points than the number of points that made them better than the other side. Also similar to this pattern you can bet on the other side that’s not better by betting they will win, or lose by less than the number of points that made the other side better than them.

The line can be moved due to various things, and a bookmaker can move it up or down just to incentivize betting on a team or a player that’s not the popular one. Other things that can impact a lot a gambling line are injuries or other unexpected changes.

And what about winning? You simply know that you’ve won if you add or subtract the line from your team’s or player’s score and if that score is higher than their opponents, you’ve won.

Line betting is great because you don’t need to know which team will win and you don’t need to invest a lot of money, in case that your prognosis is not correct. You can always bet just a few dollars or even just $1 and if you win you will be able to get a bit of cash, and if you lose, well you didn’t lose a lot of money.

This type of betting is also a bit more interesting than the standard one because the team or the player you choose doesn’t necessarily need to win because you can always bet on the unpopular team.

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Here is an example:

If Team X is 15 points better than Team Y, the bookmaker will handicap Team X 15 points. That means that the line bet is that Team X needs to win by more than 15.5 points or Team Y to get within 15.5 points. And of course, the margin is made so that both outcomes are equal. This can be also done if only two players are competing against each other.

What gets people confused?

People often get confused with line betting because they think it is margin betting. And we know that it can get a bit tricky, considering we just said that there is a margin in line betting, but there are some differences. These two types of bettings are very different, and we are going to tell you why. When it comes to margin betting the bookmaker doesn’t handicap a team or a player. This is pretty simple, but people still confused the two.

What should you do?

People that are new to line betting often make some rooky mistakes, and that’s fine. But to be sure that you are not going to make a mistake like that let’s talk a bit more about line betting and mistakes that are made. A bit of important advice that we can give you is to always look twice. Meaning that even if the lines seem the same it’s possible that they are not, and that there is somewhere a better line. If you look a bit more you can find places where there is a better price tag associated with the line and other places that have better points on the line. And if you are interested in learning more and finding a good place, check silentbet.com out.

What Sports can you Line Bet?

We’ve mentioned teams and players, so yes basically you can bet like this on most sports. For example basketball, AFL, NRL, hockey, and of course Tennis.

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Other forms of Line Betting

There are other forms of line betting and one of them is to pick your own line. This is a form of line betting where you have fixed odds prices on a range of different lines. In a normal line betting style, you can choose from one line and with this type of line betting, you can choose from any number of lines. But with this type, the odds are not that equal and they change depending on what you choose.

Betting, in general, is super interesting and excited especially if you are a true sports fan. You can make a great story from it with your friends and when some big sports events come. But you also need to know that like with any form of betting and gambling you need to be careful and cautious. Learn more about the rules, more about betting and other forms of betting and you will be able to have fun, enjoy some great sports and earn a bit of cash. We wish you good luck and hope you will have success with your next bet.