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Late Night Fun in the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Going out just doesn’t have the same appeal it once does, right? Whether you find it to expensive, too crowded, not crowded or enough, or just don’t want to come down with the latest pandemic, there is something to be said about using the amazing technology in your phone, your TV, your laptop and your gaming console to have a great night just staying in. Since we are all getting used to staying connect with our many devices, kicking your feet up on your couch doesn’t have to be a solo endeavour if you don’t want it to be. Read on to learn about some of the most popular activities the world is doing behind their front door.

Getting Naughty at Night

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Well let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first, shall we? Pretty much you can find any sort of adult entertainment under the sun and moon just by googling a few key phrases, but it might be possible that even you’ve gotten tired with the same sort of videos and photos after a while. Of course, that can just be the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of other ways to be around in cyberspace. And don’t think for a moment that it is going to be a hit against your wallet. Why not check out www.easysex.com for free sex games and sex stories, where you can merge some problem solving and reading skills to some very hot times.

Chatting with people online comes in plenty of forms, too, and sexting is just the tip of the iceberg. There are entire websites with live cams of men and women doing everything you can imagine in their own homes. And with live chat, you can even give them suggestions, and maybe even broadcast yourself if you feel so bold.

It’s Always Time for Gaming

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When the sun set it’s time to pack it in from the park, but for many gamers, that’s no barrier at all. Online multiplayer gaming means whether you have a laptop, video game console or even just phone, you can join in some very wild competitions that could not possibly exist in any other way. Sure there are plenty of actual sports games like FIFA, NBA2K and Madden which go out of their way to give you a realistic take on soccer, basketball, and football. but wouldn’t you rather try something a lot more over the top?

While still slightly in the world of sports, there is Rocket League, where you control cars on a giant soccer field and try to push/hit a giant soccer ball into the back of the net. And while there are plenty of straightforward auto-racing games, they are constantly outsold by the Super Mario Kart series for the Nintendo consoles, where you are zipping around in go-karts and going in loops and throwing weapons at your opponents as you try to pass them.

Of course, maybe you rather shoot people in the face over and over again. There are several huge first-person shooter (shortened to FPS) games out there, and they range from the gritty and realistic like the Call of Duty Series to the much more cartoony (but still requiring you to unleash a spray of bullets with your assault rifle) Fortnite. The latter of which can lay claim for being the most popular game in the world for the last few years, and certainly a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that it’s completely free to play, as well as being cross-platform (meaning you can play your Nintendo Switch against someone with a Playstation 4).

Zoom With Friends

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You never really thinking about ‘sharing a drink’ over the magic of cyberspace, but it’s become very easy to open up an app that is suddenly you and three or four close friends chatting as normally as if you were all around someone kitchen table (just make sure to keep your phone charged or your laptop plugged in). In fact, if you turn the video function off, you can lounge around in sweat pants and a ratty old t-shirt and no one will be the wiser. And everyone loves the fact that unlike face-to-face get togethers, no one has to think about the annoyance of getting home since you’re already there.

So far the only thing that people are still getting used to is not overtaking or interrupting since you can’t always be sure of when someone else is about to speak, but that’s just the beginning of a few things you should consider before making the call and settling in for a night of chatting over drinks.

The Bottomless Pit of Streaming

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Sure, for a while ‘Netflix and chill’ was a euphemism for doing that sort of thing we mentioned at the very beginning of this article, but the streaming landscape has changed so much in the last few years that we are finally at a point where there is not enough time in the day for you to watch ever new critically acclaimed series, every old move you might have missed, and any quirky anime that you heard from a friend is so much better than everyone else is saying it is.

And there is so much choice that instead of making one and committing to an entire season, you just endlessly scroll lower and lower on amazon prime, apple tv, HBO max, and so many others. The key then is to a bit of reading up on a series to see if you might like it, but also taking the advice of friends whose taste you trust. And you should always give the entire first episode a chance before giving up on it completely. If the can’t win you by the time the credits roll, then it’s not for you.