Home Entertainment Lastarya Get’s Falcons BF Ray Edwards Tattoo

Lastarya Get’s Falcons BF Ray Edwards Tattoo

Looks like Lastarya’s modeling career days are numbered.. If you wanted to know how serious @Lastarya’s & Ray Edwards relationship is you could look at her new right hand “Ray” tattoo.

Atlanta Falcons newest defensive end Ray Edwards has recently signed a five-year contract worth $30 million. Ray talks about giving up his boxing hobby.

“You never know, but right now I’m focusing on the football season and helping this team get to where we want to go,”

Edwards said after practice Saturday. He was a spectator because free agents can’t practice until Thursday, or sooner if the new collective bargaining agreement is ratified before then.

Lastarya looks happier then ever in all her recent pictures and I wish the couple the best. But on the eye candy side I hate to see her go…