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Keep Calm and Try CBD Oil

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CBD Oil is everywhere. Classed as a supplement in low dosages, it is easy to buy in numerous different formats with all sorts of health claims and advice. Even the medical profession is taking it seriously and have begun testing CBD Oil in clinical trials. But does it work as a remedy for anxiety? Hempura tells all.

Anxiety affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. It is actually quite commonplace to feel tense, worried or afraid quite frequently in day to day living. Some people are naturally better able to manage it than others. But even people who you might perceive as tough characters who can cope may still hit situations that are beyond their experience or which they are just not equipped to deal with. You can learn more about anxiety here. If you suffer from either occasional or frequent anxiety, could CBD oil help you where other treatments have failed?

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CBD Oil is a cannabis derivative but it won’t get you high and it is legal.  It comes from the hemp plant. Hemp has a sister plant called marijuana and both of these sit under the umbrella of ‘cannabis’ – they are both cannabis plants.  The effects of marijuana are well-known and it produces a psychoactive substance called THC but hemp produces something altogether different which is not psychoactive and this is the chemical, CBD, or Cannabidiol. It has known calming effects so exactly how does it work?

In humans, there is an internal system, the Endocannabinoid System, which has a series of receptors which control pain, appetite and mood and also fear and anxiety.  The ECS responds to cannabis through these receptors. Oil mimics the chemicals that we naturally produce ourselves so in theory, taking CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks is giving your body’s own natural responses, a bit of a boost.  It certainly does seem to work for some people, reducing anxiety and inducing a state of calmness.

There is no regulation controlling the production and manufacture of the oil so the integrity of what you buy and how much you should take is all a matter of judgement for the individual.  The only legal regulation is the amount of THC in any CBD oil product – this is the potential psychoactive element – and this can only be present in any item regardless of size in an amount of no more than 1mg.  THC is a by-product of the extraction process of CBD oil from the hemp plant so some CBD oil products you buy may contain small amounts of THC but the levels are unlikely to affect you.

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If you decide to try CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks, it’s worth doing your research first so that you make sure that what you are taking is actually as described and safe.  After that, it really is down to the individual as to how much they take and whether they are looking for something occasional, ad hoc and immediate such as dropping oil under the tongue or whether a few squares of CBD chocolate with a morning coffee hit the mark.