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Is Sports Gambling Legal In Georgia

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There have been significant changes in the landscape of sports betting in the United States following the Supreme Court’s overturn of the ban in 2019. Many states have been legalizing the activity since that decision, with more expected in the coming years.

However, Georgia remains one of the states where sports gambling is still illegal. This has been a topic of interest and debate in recent years and this article will provide an overview of the situation in the state while also discussing the potential future outlook.

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Current Status

As at the time of writing, sports betting is still not legal in Georgia as the state does not have any legislation in place that permits or regulates the activity. This means that betting enthusiasts in the state are not permitted to legally place sports wagers within the state’s borders and may have to move elsewhere to engage in this pastime.

An important thing to note is that while sports betting remains illegal in the state of Georgia, there have been discussions towards potential legalization. There are a number of factors that contribute to the growing interest in legalizing sports betting within the state and some of them are highlighted below:

Public opinion

Public opinion generally plays a major role in policy decisions and sports betting is no different. Public sentiment towards sports gambling continues to evolve, with increasing demand for regulated platforms to be allowed within the state of Georgia.

There is concrete acceptance and recognition of these demands among the decision makers and as public opinion evolves, lawmakers may be more inclined to explore the possibility of legalization.

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Economic Impact

It has been proven that sports betting has a major impact on the economy in many ways. Firstly, there is a direct relationship between sports betting and job creation as once these operators are fully legal and licensed, they need employees to ensure the smooth running of the service.

Also, the potential tax revenue generated from legal sports betting activities can be an appealing prospect for state legislators. The economy can also be stimulated through increased tourism, creating revenue for local businesses.

Neigbouring States Legalization

Surrounding states, such as Mississippi and Tennessee have legalized sports betting, which could serve as motivation to follow suit in Georgia. With state legislators seeing the generally harmless nature of the activity, they may be forced to reconsider their stance.

Also, the revenue generated from sports betting in these neighboring states could serve as an incentive for Georgia lawmakers to consider the economic benefits of legalization.

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Legislative Efforts Towards Future Legalization

The topic of sports betting legalization is not dead and buried in Georgia as there have been some legislative efforts to address the situation. Conversations remain ongoing, although the future of sports betting in the state remains uncertain.

In 2021, a bill known as HB 86 was introduced in the Georgia general assembly to allow for legalization of sports betting. The same bill was introduced again in 2022 and both times it failed to advance beyond the committee stage.

As it stands, the topic of sports betting in Georgia will not come up again until the 2024 General Elections. If it eventually gets approved, the state will then have to implement sports betting regulations which could take time, thereby putting the earliest possible date for sports betting in Georgia at 2025.


It is expected that once the legislation passes, the major sportsbooks will be among the first to establish a platform in the state

While sports betting remains illegal in Georgia, the landscape of the activity remains dynamic.

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The legalization of sports betting in Georgia depends on a number of factors like the influence of public opinion and the potential economic benefits. The legislature’s willingness to address the topic is however the major deciding factor.