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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in Bali – 2024 Guide

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Investing in real estate is one of the most popular and common types of investment. Real estate is the one that can bring you income for at least a ten-year period. First of all, the current value of the desired property and its potential should be assessed. In Indonesia, you will find it easier and faster to rent an apartment because of the urban plan, economic development, cultural and social events it offers.

However, you need to invest in furnishing the property because a nicely furnished property will have an advantage. Many other factors should also be taken into account such as location, type of facility, zone, legal regulations and period of business start-up. To find out when is the right time to invest in this type of property, read some of our tips.

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Property Types In Bali

One of the most visited types of facilities in Bali is the villa. The reason is great spaciousness and design. They are mostly beautifully decorated and allow visitors to experience all the charms of tropical life. They have swimming pools, gardens and many more rooms inside the building. They are mostly visited by large groups of people such as families or friends. There are different types of villas. You can offer your guests a modern, contemporary look or a traditional one. So it all depends on your preferences and taste. Apartments can also be a good option, as they are efficient. If you equip them well, you can earn a lot of money. You will notice quite a few guest houses in Bali. These are elegant buildings, perfectly decorated with a swimming pool. Tourists opt for them for comfort and a limited budget. Some other profitable options are office buildings, restaurants or beach clubs.

Do not forget about the outskirts of urban areas, because such an environment is very relaxing. The safest option is definitely buying land, not only in Bali but everywhere in the world. The reason is the price of land, which often changes. One of the consequences of pandemics is a sudden drop in land prices. It’s an ideal opportunity to find a great deal and make a big profit in the future. We have to mention that this option is also the most cost-effective when it comes to maintenance. You will not have to pay utilities and other costs. Tax costs are minimal. So, after you buy a piece of land, you’re done with the hardest part. Some other profitable options are office buildings, restaurants or beach clubs. Do not forget about the outskirts of urban areas, because such an environment is very relaxing.

Should I be concerned about Bali real estate law?

If you have thought carefully and understood what type of real estate you want, it is time to familiarize yourself with the law that binds you. In this way, you will really be sure that you have made a good decision, because you will know whether you meet all the conditions of the purchase. When it comes to Indonesian law, everything must be transparent and paid in full. You will also need the original certificate of ownership. In order for everything to be in order, you need to make sure that the property you are buying is legal. Do not forget that many sellers will not tell everything about their property in order to sell it to you as quickly as possible. If you haven’t checked the property enough, you may find out about various restrictions too late. For example, it refers to property that is a barrier between your property and the road. In this case, your property cannot go on the road. In order to solve this problem, you will need to pay for a license. So, check the details carefully to get a complete insight into the background. It refers to disputes, outstanding payments, current status of property, etc. Find out other info at www.penidaland.com to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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When is the right time to invest in property in Bali?

Do it now and you won’t regret it. With the pandemic affecting the entire world and shaking the economy, Indonesia is no exception. Such an economic downturn will be remembered for a long time, so you still have time to profit. Now the property prices will be twice as low as before, and the number of tourists is increasing. All investors are welcome, as property purchases are allowed for people with different visas. You get the permit in the form of a permanent residence permit, diplomatic permits and others. For example, people coming from a visa-free country should apply after landing in Indonesia. You shouldn’t have much trouble, as it is relatively easy to do business in Bali. However, fight for your rights if there is any kind of setback in the process of buying a property. Do not forget that you have an unlimited number of apartments in the offer, but provided that they are built on suitable land. Such possession must be ready for use from a legal point of view. A welcome proof is the extremely low tax rate.

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Dos and Don’ts When Investing in Bali Property

While exploring locations, imagine that you are a tourist who needs to stay there. If you focus on locations you love, chances are your future customers will love them as well. It’s best not to risk locations that are too far from the sea, but it all depends on your goals. For example, most tourists want to be closer to the beach because of the many activities such as surfing. It is desirable for the property to be in a quiet area away from traffic and city crowds. Keep your budget in mind at all times, as you don’t want to overpay for a property or put too little money into it. Don’t forget about the prices of finishes, furniture and unexpected surprises. Find an experienced agent who is well-known in the market. He will guide you through the whole process and enable you to buy the safe market. Don’t trust every agent, always check that there is a contract with the landowner you are targeting. Get all permits in time, check zoning and construction projects around the land.


If you have been thinking about this popular tourist destination, now is the right time to invest in the business. Start your search for the ideal home today, as the economy is still recovering from the pandemic.