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5 Reasons Why Instagram is a Good Platform for Blogging

When the internet first started to become globally adopted and a new standard, the types of websites and services available on it were still in their infancy and nowhere near as advanced and feature-rich as today. In such a world, the written word on a screen ruled and therefore, blogs became the new craze where people would talk about their interests and hobbies and others would read it for entertainment, information, and education purposes. Back in the day, especially from the turn of the millennium towards the end of the 2000s, blogs ruled the internet and undisputed kings of private ways of sharing views, news, and info.

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Times Change

However, with the seemingly sudden appearance of social media platforms, mainly Myspace and Facebook for starters, people started to shift more and more towards these new practices and trends. Eventually, when visuals overtook the texts as the main source of content online thanks to YouTube, Instagram, and the rest of the still-dominant platforms, blogs finally began to decline. However, in recent years they are making a comeback albeit in a new light and alongside the help from modern mediums. Speaking of Instagram, it is currently considered to be one of the best platforms for bloggers to use as both an accompanying tool and the actual place for blogging.

In the article before you we reveal to you the reasons why Instagram is a good platform for blogging and why bloggers far and wide use it every day to support their writing. If you have something you are passionate about that you believe people would be interested in, there is no better way to try to make it in the online world and become a content creator with Instagram as your main blogging help. If you already have an account but are struggling to grow your audience that will read your posts, we strongly advise you to check out Famoid.

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1. Engaging with the Existing Community

You may be wondering how you can use Instagram to actually post articles. You will not, as this mega-popular platform will be crucial to your whole operation but not the actual place where you blog. For starters, you will need it in order to communicate with your fans, supporters, and readers. It is the best place to get in touch with the people who like reading what you have to write and care about your views and what you have to say. Instagram Is great for engagements with fans, from comments and personal messages to posting stories to update them when the new blog post is up. Best of all, everyone has a profile on Insta nowadays so chances are your readers will like the fact that they can now follow you there and be more in touch with what you have in store for the future.

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2. Growing the Blog Fan Base

If you want to increase the traffic on your blog and have more new people come your way, you should know that simply writing articles and waiting to be randomly found by potential readers will get you nowhere. Instead, you should seriously think about engaging with social media platforms like Instagram and growing the reader base through it. Not only can you find new people to come and take a look at your blog, but you can connect and follow other bloggers and content creators because everyone has Instagram today. You can meet like-minded people and share opinions or even collaborate on blog projects like joint posts or guest articles. The crucial thing is for people to be able to find you and there is no better place than Instagram in 2024.

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3. Article and Post Promotion

Once you have established a certain amount of followers on Insta, it will become your main marketing platform where you will advertise your new posts and post pictures related to the upcoming and current content. Teasing the fans and giving them the links to your blog posts is the best way to make them come and have a read. This increases the engagements both on your Instagram and on your original blog so you win on all fronts. At the same time, the readers have multiple ways to learn that a new post is up. Thanks to the stories, reels, and the rest of the fun options and features of the new and improved Instagram experience, your articles will enjoy never-before-seen action and have hundreds of new visitors each day.

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4. Partnerships and Giveaways

Fans love it when content creators host giveaways since they can win something they want or need from their favorite influencer. Once you become an above-average writer, brands will surely notice you and you will start to get offers for collaborations and promotions. Usually, the writers get a neat package of things to try and then write about. Depending on the topic of your blog, that can be a beauty and makeup package, tickets to movies and shows, new products to test, and even paid vacations to promote a new hotel. Anything goes in the world of content creation, and more often than not there is something for the fans. Instagram is perfect for giving away prizes in return for likes, comments, and follows which all increase your engagements. Best of all, you will have at least a few articles devoted to it, and therefore more content on the blog.

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5. Frequent Posting

As a blogger you know how hard it can be to get inspiration, motivation, and the will to write a post every day. If you only write a few or even a single post per week, most of the fans probably get bored and wish you wrote more frequently. Therefore, to keep them satisfied and interested, you can post on Instagram. Say you publish blog posts on Tuesdays. On the remaining days, you can be present on Insta and answer questions from the fans, share pictures that will be present in the new article you are still cooking up, or update and tease them on what it may be about. The important part is to check your stats as you do it and post consistently so that you do not lose fans along the way and between posting articles on the actual blog.