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9 Tips for Improving Your Brush Lettering Skills

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Brush lettering and brush calligraphy are becoming more and more popular skills that people find interesting and fun to learn. There is something special in learning to write letters in a unique, elegant, and stylish way. However, learning this is something that requires a lot of persistence, patience, and effort. Whether you’re a beginner or you are just seeking to improve your craft, we prepared some tips that will help you improve your brush lettering skills.

The truth is that even professional brush lettering artists need to go back to repeat some basic things in order to improve their work.

1. Go back and learn the traditional calligraphy

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Even though it can seem boring and overwhelming, it can be very beneficial to learn traditional calligraphy if you want to improve your current skills. This will help you understand why letters are formed in the way they are. Also, you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of different historical shapes and find more about the history of calligraphy and its progress.

2. Consider using markers and brush pens for the start

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If you are a beginner and you are just starting with brush lettering skills, you should make sure to do it in the right way and with the right equipment. In other words, you need to find the ideal brush marker for you. They are an excellent choice for beginners for multiple reasons. For instance, there would not be a reason to get used to pointed pen calligraphy which can be very frustrating. There is no need to make things difficult for you from the start. Also, you will not have to refill your writing implementation all the time. Just find the ideal brush pen that suits you and has the right thickness and nib elasticity. There is a wide selection of pens from which you can choose the one that suits you the most on Hipolyte.com.

3. Basic strokes are important for understanding

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When you are a beginner, all you want to do is try to dive right at the point where you can write full words. This is a common thing that all beginners do, however, we suggest you not forget about the practice sheets. Even though you probably want to become instant good in this skill, you should give yourself time and be patient. You will want to see how much you progress if you are going with the right steps. Therefore, learn the rules and give yourself time to practice basic strokes. After that, you can start writing individual letters in the right way.

4. You should focus on consistency in heights

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It is very important to make your letter heights. You should practice on lined paper first, and work consistently before you even try to draw extraordinary lettering styles including flourishes or some bouncing lettering. Even though this consistency, in the beginning, can look boring and frustrating, it will help you develop muscle memory. Therefore, when you start experimenting with unique and modern styles, you will be able to manage them easily.

5. Do not forget about focusing on a consistent angle as well

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This tip is important as previously mentioned. If you want to learn to draw calligraphic letters at an angle, you will need to use a calligraphy guide. You can even make your own guide and follow it. This will help you develop your muscle memory faster. You will see one day that you do not need to use your guide anymore, you will start drawing letters perfectly. However, we suggest you o make sure to put the heavier downstroke along with the angles when you are practicing.

6. When you are ready you can connect letters, do not rush with this

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When you think you are ready, find the word you want to draw. The first thing you need to do is write every letter individually. Pay attention to completing all letters perfectly which means that you need to aim consist thicks, thins, heights, and angles. After that, you can combine letters together by overlapping the downstroke on the next letter over the tail of the previous one. Think about how you learned to write in school. You first learned to write letters separately and then when you skilled that, you started joining those letters into a word.

7. Be free to take your time and go slow

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In case you have trouble writing a letter, you do not have to rush. Take your time and go slow. You will not achieve anything if you become frustrated. Like just anything else you want to learn, you need to spend time practicing it. Some strokes/letters are going to be more or less easier. However, one thing is sure, if you are consistent and patient enough to achieve your goal, you will eventually succeed, and there is no excuse for that. As time pass, you will write letters faster and your muscle memory and focus will be improved as well.

8. It is nothing wrong to copy other styles

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If you are really into brush lettering, we suggest that you get the inspiration from some art or lettering pieces you saw. There are many different online sources and traditional books where you can find inspiration. When you reached that point where you mastered the basics, you can be free to copy the brush lettering styles of some artists that you admire. It would be even better to get out of your comfort zone and be more creative. You can even use their work for replicating and trying out different lettering styles. Copying can be the perfect way to expand your style and get motivation and inspiration to try something new. You can pay attention to how some artists wrote some stylish letters and used some of their tricks. Be bold to combine different artistic styles and this is the path of developing your own signature style.

9. Get feedback for your work

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Be free to share your brush lettering adventure and your progress. Find some brush lettering community online and share ideas, styles, and thoughts with other people. This is something that will surely help you progress!