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How To Use A Planner To Stay Organized And On Time

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For the functioning of any planning or organization – the tools used to get the job done are very important. There are plenty of great online applications available today for free or can be used at an affordable monthly fee.

They can make planning processes better and more efficient for your entire organization. However, how do you know which tool is right for you?

Strategy and Planning: Where to Start?

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When we talk about digital business or web presence, we also have a marketing strategy and planning right in our heads. Your marketing strategy must be correlated with your business strategy, namely:

Before you start developing a marketing strategy, your business strategy must be fully elaborated and your business goals clearly and precisely defined. No matter how much time you devote to creating a marketing plan, you doomed it to fail if it is not closely related to the company’s business plan.

Plans Are Failing Because We Don’t Want To Believe That They’ll Fail

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This is not a saying, but a fact. The most common mistake when planning in any business or life situation – is the assumption that nothing will go wrong.

Reality usually convinces us very quickly of the opposite, and most often, Murphy’s law is shown: Anything that can go wrong – will go wrong. Therefore, you must always have a Plan B – and experienced successful people will tell you that it is advisable to make an exit strategy and in case even a Plan C fails.

Planning Must Always Start From The Budget

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When planning a vacation, you probably first have in mind the amount of money you have available and are looking for a destination, type of accommodation, transportation, and duration of the trip. When you buy sneakers, one of the deciding factors is your financial moment.

It is difficult, if not even impossible, to make a workable plan without first knowing how much money you have. Therefore, first determine the budget available for marketing activities on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis.

What Should We Pay Attention To?

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When planning and creating a business strategy – we must pay attention to the number of employees and the time they are expected to devote to a particular project. Simpler projects can be performed by one employee. On the other hand – there are sure to be more demanding projects, which seek to engage more people.

It rarely happens that there is only one project underway and that everyone is working just one thing. Each employee has multiple tasks that he or she fulfills daily, weekly and monthly. Therefore, it is of great importance to take into account the human resources at our disposal when planning.

Clearly Define Goals

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No plan or strategy is complete without clearly defined goals. If you do not know where you are going with your business –  it does not matter which path you will take. This is a sentence that is often used when it comes to the importance of planning and setting goals.

Marketing, strategic and business goals must be expressed in such a way as to be clear and comparable. Some of the goals may be: to increase market share by x%; increase sales in the next two quarters by n times;  increase the number of service users by y%; increase profits to x%, and the like. Planning must be done only after thorough market research has been completed.

The task of marketing and business planning – is to separate the products into their life cycles, to determine which product will be the first to make a profit, and which should shut down. Based on these results, a marketing strategy is made and appearances are planned.

Use Useful Planning Tools

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For the functioning of any organization, the tools used to get the job done are very important. There are plenty of great online applications available today for free or can be used for an affordable monthly fee, which can make processes better and more efficient for your entire organization. However, how do you know which tool is right for you?

Try more options.

Generally, when it comes to planning the business of an enterprise, popular flowcharts are used, and they can be of great help. To plan your work steps as accurately as possible, whether it is for sketching future ideas or making diagrams, ZenFlowchart and similar programs are invaluable. They save you time, are easy to use, and your business will achieve maximum efficiency. So don’t think about using any of the available online tools – just go ahead and make it easy for yourself!

Use Applications As Well

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Apps are also an easy and fast help for anything that can come to mind! And in today’s hectic times, the biggest problem is our organization and productivity, which are extremely high on the priority list!

Smartphones can simplify some things in our lives, more and more often we need applications that will make it easier, faster, and helpful at work and also in the private realm. Some apps can help you organize your time, build better habits, but also remind you of the responsibilities you have.


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Cortana is practically your digital personal assistant. It keeps an eye on your to-do calendar, so for example, if it’s a traffic collapse and you have to leave early for an appointment, Cortana will surely remind you. You can write notes, to-do lists, and set up task reminders.

Reminders can be repeated as planned, so you can create a weekly reminder: for the store, dumping trash, or whatever your daily routine is, and you often tend to forget. The reminder can be adjusted based on location. For example, if you are near your favorite flower shop, the app will automatically remind you that you have recorded your flower purchase.


Business planning is a process of setting goals and finding ways to achieve them. In the absence of planning, managers cannot reliably manage or expect others to follow. Planning is the essence for performing other managerial activities – organizing, hiring, managing and controlling – that depend on the plans made.

Since you have to adhere to this – plan to finally introduce some of the technological innovations and programs in your business that will surely help you.