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How To Save Images From A Broken HDD?

Something happened to your computer’s hard drive and suddenly, all photos and documents are gone. What happens to the files on your computer? Where do they go? How to get them back? If you’re wondering if it is possible to bring back deleted files – you’ll be happy to hear the answer. Fortunately, there are methods by you can use to recover your lost files. However, keep in mind that neither way is 100% safe.

HDD Failures Which Can Cause Data Loss

A possible overheating or an electric shock can cause the HDD electronics malfunction. Therefore, the defected elements should be repaired or, in case of more severe damage – completely replaced. Professional companies own large HDD bases as well as components that are often used in these type of situations. The most common HDD malfunctions are …

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Defective Heads

Repeated malfunctions due to an HDD breakdown are often the defected heads. This situation can be easily recognized by the striking repeated ” clicking ” of the HDD. This malfunction can be very serious. Therefore, it is required to put your HDD out of service right away. Any other HDD boot will seriously endanger your computer and decrease the chances of protecting your data.

Engine Failure

Every HDD has the power-engine which can be susceptible to malfunction. The usual symptoms of motor breakdown is a weak and repeated buzzing sound. That sound indicates the lack of ability of the motor to spin. Repairing a broken engine and putting it into operating mode again is a very complicated part of HDD mechanics.

HDD Panels

HDD panels are places where the data is stored. They are quite sensitive, so when the contact with HDD occurs – bad sectors will show up. The issue with bad sectors can be noticed by very slow computer performance. It can also show the inability to access some of your data or directories, as well as automatically turning on the Checkdisk. The number of bad sectors increases over time and the accumulation can lead to permanent data loss.

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HDD Is Out Of Function! What Should I do?

Photo or other lost data are a common problem. But,  it can sometimes become a real nightmare – whether missing stuff is of emotional value or has a business significance. So, what to do to restore it? Many people try to do it by using different data recovery software.

However, this type of software can sometimes cause even more damage than be useful. They are also quite unusable in case of a serious malfunction. HDD repair is not always economic since it requires replacing the defective parts with the new ones from the identical HDD. Still, this is not a  guarantee that such HDD will perform as it did before. Therefore, the procedure of saving or restoring data is started first by temporarily run the broken HDD.

After that, the content should be copied to the new HDD, sector by sector. Any new startup of a defected media can result in the opposite effect. That can prevent data from being permanently saved. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most typical symptoms and appropriate steps to take if you lose your HDD material.

Accidental Delete

If you accidentally delete any documents, due to formatting, virus operation, or partitions loss, is considered a logical malfunction. Therefore, it’s important that HDD is mechanically OK. In that case, it will be possible to access HDD physically without any problems. In these situations, it can be quite dangerous to use HDD, because if any new data enters (and that includes surfing the Internet as well) can be written to the place where deleted ones used to be. DataSector uses special software for data recovery and computer forensics to extract it in these cases.

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How To Restore Photos Or Deleted Files From Hard Disk?

If you are wondering if it is possible to restore deleted files from your hard disk, the answer is – Yes. Some great tools can retrieve your favourite erroneously removed family pictures or videos for free. Removed files from your HDD, memory card, flash drive, cell phone, or another device can be partially or completely recovered using several free and extremely simple programs or tools. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your accidentally removed photos, videos or any important document or media can be restored. Still, there is a really high chance, especially if it has not passed a long time since it was deleted.

What You Should Know About Deleting Files?

Let’s say you’ve accidentally have deleted your favourite photo. When you delete a media or a document or search for a lost one, you should always look into the Recycle bin first. If any of your media or files are located there – you are saved. When you lose a file on Windows, you should know it is not permanently deleted.  It has just moved from one location to another. More specifically, your media or files are transferred to the Recycle bin. Unless you press SHIFT + Delete and skip the step of “moving” files – which is not recommended.

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Software For Recovering Lost Files

The main purpose of having a data restoring program is to help the user recover what the user has deleted and would like to recover. What these “Data Recovery” programs do is that they restore everything that was deleted by a reverse method called “Undelete”. The main reason why these programs exist and why they work is because the data even when we delete it – is not truly deleted. Even in cases where we clean the computer’s recycling bin or do a Permanent delete, this information is still present on the computer. Because this data is still present on disks or computers or any other devices that have data storage hardware – recovery programs are an ideal solution if you want to see the deleted stuff again.


A large number of free software for these purposes can be found online. If the media or files that you are looking for are not in the Recycle Bin, Recuva is our top choice among the best freeware recovering programs. If you want to try some other program, do not worry since you can find many similar programs online as well. Besides Recuva, you can also try to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or Disk Drill. You can simply download it. If it is in ZIP format supported by Windows, extract the program to your flash memory. If you have no other options but to use your HDD, do not use the partition that has contained the deleted media or files.

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Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is another high-quality freeware utility to restore lost files from your device. This software has a fairly undemanding interface. It also has several advanced options and, when scanning your computer, it will automatically scan all Windows local drives that exist. The characteristic that makes Puran File Recovery different from other similar software is that it can identify and find much more data types than most other programs. In case that Recuva did not find things you wanted – this program is the ideal alternative.