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How to play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is certainly the game that is very popular in Asia. This game cannot be left behind when visiting countries in this part of the world, and due to its popularity more international gaming online services and on land casinos are offering it to be played. Andar Bahar very simple rules that needs to be followed and this explains its popularity amongst the player. Details about the rules of these games will be discussed below.

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Andar Bahar is a game labeled as one of the easiest to be played. By being easy, it has only a few rules that need to be followed. If you have played Baccarat of Blackjack you will for sure get a hand of the game more easily. Firstly, only one deck is being used, and the odds for the win are fifty-fifty. The one playing has a role in picking left or right.

How it actually works? The dealer is taking the deck and cuts it into two halves, it shows the card and at this very moment, the player needs to choose if a card that has the same value will be on the left side or the right side of the pile.

Let’s have an example: the card that has been drawn is lucky seven and the player will have to guess on which side the card will appear. Pay attention that left is labeled as Andar, logically, right is labeled as Bahar. So, if a player thinks that the pile on the right is the winning one, he chooses to bet on Bahar. After this the dealer is taking the cards and placing them on the left and on the right consequently. If it happens that the player has guessed right and that the card with number seven on it has been presented on the right, the player is getting double what the bet was. If the card with number seven falls onto the opposite, left, the player is losing his bet.

One other very interesting rule is that depending on the color of the first card, the dealing starts on one of the sides; a black card will dictate that it all starts on the left side, and on the other side if the color is red.

These very simple rules are making this game very popular and easy to play. If you think you have enough information and that you have taken a hand of it, Click here and see how the gameplay looks like.

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Winning and payout

Since all rules of this game are simple, and is, clearly very famous amongst the players and in the casinos on land and online, what will happen if you win? It is interesting, that when it this game is in question is that if the card that was picked by the player is placed on the side where the first card that has been taken from the deck was placed, the payoff will be lowered by ten percent if it is found on the opposite the payoff is full and it will not be decreased. In a worked example, it looks like this, if the bet is five hundred, and the card is being drawn on the same side, the winner gets nine hundred and fifty as a payoff. When the card is found on the opposite side, the payoff is a hundred percent and it is equal to one thousand.

Live vs Virtual

Are there any differences in taking chances in Andar Bahar online and virtually? The ones that are fond of the human approach and like to tryout this game in the flesh, virtual, live-action is a way to go. This is the closes to the real in-casino experience since the dealer is a person and the game is being streamed to the players in the best quality there is, by ensuring the players to bet through the special platform on that is being presented on the site.

If the internet connection is slow, or you just want to avoid human interaction, virtual is the way to go. And the way you can take part is being done through the specific software on the website. This software has been programmed so well that it has been labeled like a non-cheating system.

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Can it be played for free?

It is always good to practice a new game before investing some money into it. There are options to play and master in it free of charge before you actually sit with the real players and dealers and place your bets.

Many casinos online are offering a few trial rounds where you can actually master and get a hand of the game itself since it is good to have a bit of practice before using money to play. Have in mind that his game relies a lot of luck and guessing and no big mathematical thing is behind it. Some players are oddly good at guessing what pile will contain the card, while others are not as much.

It is always wise, when it comes to these games, to lower the bets when you are on the losing strike, and not to skyrocket the bets when you are on the winning strikes. By doing so, you are making sure you will earn more than you lose.

In addition, it is good to be very clear-minded and focused while playing any betting game, and do not be deceived by this one is easy, since this means that it will be easier to lose money.

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Andar Bahar, a game easy to play and easy to get lost in, not only that the rules are simple, but luck plays a very big part in winning.  When it comes to paying, it can be accessed in casinos and online, and there are many ways of doing so since you can play the live game, or against the computer. No matter which game play you choose, if it is online or on the scene in the casino you will need the best of luck.