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How To Pick The Best Lottery Numbers?

Picking the best lottery numbers is easier said than done. Truthfully, it takes a lot of research and hard math to come up with the best combination that will give you the biggest odds of winning the lottery. Of course, winning the lottery is something that every person, apart from the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, has always dreamt of. But as we said, picking the best combination isn’t easy. Those that have tried their luck have seemingly always failed, with most of them not even getting a single number. However, there have been lottery winners before, and they’ve won absolute fortunes. But what has been the method of those that have won it? I seemingly recall one winner’s story that he found out he’d one when delivering a package for a family that had the lottery on. As soon as the people opened their door to receive their package, the TV had announced the winter, and the person soon found out that was him.

While most lottery wins are down to luck, there are methods that you can utilize that will give you the best chances of winning it.

We are going to discuss those methods in this article.

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1. Use Statistics to Predict Numbers

A man once said that life is nothing but statistics on what’s next to come… I don’t really know who said that. But statistics in the lottery is a very hot topic, so hot that many lottery players use it to a great extent. While some may say that there is no point in running statistics to predict the winning combination, many people tell otherwise. However, speaking from a purely mathematical point of view, the former is correct and there is no way you can mathematically predict which numbers will be drawn. As a matter of fact, speaking from a mathematical point of view, using statistics to predict the winning combination gives you the same chance as picking any random digits.

With all that said, a math professor from Texas has used statistics to win the lottery not once, not twice, but a total of four times. How is that possible? Was the man extremely fortunate or was it the method of using statistics? What we can definitely say is that he won it four times using this method. Another thing that we can safely say is that some digits do come up more times than others, and these are the numbers referred to as “hot numbers”. This puts us nicely to our second method, and that is…

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2. Learn How to Play with Hot and Cold Combinations

In the lottery game, certain picks appearing over a specific time frame are categorized as eighter hot or cold numbers. These numbers aren’t measured in their total times being drawn but through a specific time frame. Hot are those that have been drawn more frequently, while cold are those that have been barely drawn once.

So, which are these combinations?

Hot: We mentioned what is defined as a hot number, and we’re going to give you examples of some. In EuroMillions, hot combinations are considered the following 17, 20, 23, 39, and 44. However, there are two very, very, common picks in EuroMillions which are 2 and 3. So, naturally, lottery players would choose these as their winning combination, and others would pick a few of them. Players pick these numbers as they bet they would come up again in the future. While it’s tempting to go and follow this trend, you could also try your luck by picking combinations by looking at previous winners. One such website that focuses on showcasing the previous winners of the Hong Kong lottery can be viewed if you go to this website.

Cold: Opposite to hot numbers, cold ones are the combinations that have been drawn the least amount of time in a certain time frame, possibly even none. Lottery players that play these numbers go with the bet that if they’ve been drawn the least amount of times, then chances are they will be drawn at some point. They predict that while these numbers have had a very slim chance of getting picked in the past, their chance of getting picked is greater in the future. This is considered smart and sound thinking, but again, it’s all down to chance, and who’s to say that 2 won’t be picked again in the future?

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3. Due to Lottery Numbers

In the lottery, players have terms for most combinations. One such term is called due or overdue numbers. These numbers haven’t been drawn for an above-average rate, so players think they will be drawn soon. For example, if a specific pick, let’s say 10, has been picked a total of five times the past 50 drawings, then this number has a drawing rate of every 10 drawings. This makes the number hot, but if the digit is picked 0 or 2 times in the next 100 drawings then this number is due to be picked. This is the logic behind these combinations and the interesting thing is that they can be combined with both hot and cold picks in creating a winning combination.

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4. Picking Based on Numerology

We’ve mostly talked about picking numbers based on stats and mathematics. On the other hand, there is a large player base that picks combinations based on faith, luck, reoccurrences, and often beyond human reasons. This method of choosing of playing is called numerology. With the numerology method, players mostly pick the numbers based on things that have happened to them. For example, players would pick combinations based on their birthday, lucky numbers, anniversaries, and other personal numbers. As we mentioned, players playing these combinations could also be made out of numbers that are constantly reoccurring in their lives.

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5. Quick Pick

And of course, the last method of choosing winning lottery combinations is the method of quick picking. Quick picking is essentially what it sounds. A player will take his pencil, close his eyes, and mark the winning combination. Some people believe this method to be the best. But this method isn’t backed by eighter statistical or personal data.