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How Technology Is Changing The Adult Industry

Since the inception and acceptance of adult videos and products online, the two industries have continued to grow by the billions in the years that followed. These two markets are some of the strongest in the world. As the world develops and products become cheaper to create and manufacture, the rate at which they find their way into buyers homes is rapidly increasing annually.

To think that there was a time that neither of these sectors existed is almost beyond belief. The application of businesses online over the past three decades has aided individual take billions of pounds from consumers that are out to improve their sexual happiness, or change their sexual experiences. In a similar way to Netflix in recent years, consumers long for video related content as it makes for easy viewing and a simple way to take in information.

A lot of this growth though may not just be down to the technology. By this we mean that people desire for video in the form of porn and adult toys may have always been as great as the figures suggest, but access was difficult. It may actually say a lot more about us as consumers than it does about the marketing geniuses that set out to take control of the market in the very beginning.

The World Of Sex Toys

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Adult toys have been on the rampage in recent years. Being more of a household product than ever before, societal changes have enabled people to talk more openly about what they enjoy during a sexual encounter. With A-list celebrities being at the forefront of much social marketing and content, their decisions and stances can change the way that people look at themselves and those around them. Particularly with the younger users of social platforms.

Individuals that spend a lot of time in the limelight that make huge, usually quite decisions, out in the open, change the way that people go about their own decisions. Sam Smith recently came out as non-binary, meaning that he does not identify to any gender. This has enabled many people in the same mind frame as him to take the leap and to the same thing.

As a result of these types of changes, the taboo that surround sex toys is slowly but surely being less prominent as people become used to seeing the items in question on supermarket shelves and in their favourite high street shops. A once hugely female-dominated industry, male sex toys (for more information visit – https://www.sextoysaver.co.uk/sex-toys-for-men/) have become a huge segment in the adult toy market. Advances in e-commerce platforms have made it easier for start-up businesses to break into the field, enabling consumers to see and browse even more products that ever before.

Toys are now becoming more playful and relatable too. With vibrators now adopting things like Bluetooth connectivity, so users can control their favourite items from their beloved phones, ease-of-use is beginning to play a part too. Try using something other than your hand to bring you to your climax. Nowadays there are hundreds of different masturbators (read more) to choose from in order to make your jerking off session a little bit more fun.

Ever Growing Porn Industry

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The porn industry is, and always has been a humongous industry. Estimate very wildly as to how much the market is worth. A conservative estimates states that it could be very easily worth upwards of £15 billion. This makes it a much bigger driving force than Netflix, and Hollywood as a media creating network.

How has it become such a lucrative area? Well they websites that offer pornography have done exceptionally well in creating and delivery content in such a way that user will always want more. Using a common word amongst younger readers, people do not want to end up with FOMO (fear of missing out).

Viewers are able to delve into as much free pornography as they could ever want, but there is always something more being a payment option. But what on earth could that be? There is only one way to find out, pay. They are able to use data in a similar way to that of Facebook and Google, but in this case, they are being funded by the consumer rather than the advertiser.

Technology has allowed the least likely (to the average eye) businesses to make the most of data analytics. Giving them first-hand access into the minds and behaviour of their viewers, so they have the insight to build sites that cater to the users subconscious. More recently, technology has allowed VR (virtual reality) to play apart in the porn industry. A whole new take on the way that scenes are filmed and watched, this has created a new product for visitors to consume. All of which of course comes at a premium cost.

Marketing And Visibility

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Referring back to Facebook and Google and their success being built on the willingness of advertisers to pay for ads. Without suggesting that they are entitled to earning more than they already are they are reducing the revenue that they generate by heavily restricting the advertising of anything adult related.

Google Ads does allow you to create search ads to be served to those that are above the 18-year-old age restriction and are searching for adult-related terms. But this is the full span of what they allow. There vast display and search partners network is strictly off-limits.

On Facebook and the platforms that it control the rules are even tighter. You are unable to use anything in any of your ads that would suggest you are trying to benefit from the sale of an adult product. With these networks serving ads of a media-based nature, you would be unable to include an image of an adult product or text relating to anything deemed to be ‘adult’. These rules are enforced regardless of age or target market.

All in all, technology that surrounds us today is having a huge impact on all markets. Some with larger visitor volumes that others. How much of the growth can be written down to technological advancements can be argued, some of the thanks must go down to human nature. An individual can be convinced to purchase a new pair of the latest trainers with good marketing and sales techniques, but can you be pushed into watching pornography or using an adult toy? Perhaps the demand is already there, and it’s finally being fulfilled.