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How Classic Music Affects Essay Writing Skills

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Getting stuck when writing an essay is normal, but it can also be very stressful. It’s not about not being capable of something. It is not even about your cognitive abilities. Even the best writers can get stuck and experience a writer’s block. But it is a situational problem that can be solved. And the solution to this problem is very simple, but effective. Music — is one of the best options of how you can get back on track with your writing, but you have to use it wisely for it not to harm but to work. And if you do it, you will see how music can benefit your writing process.

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Music and Сognitive Skills

The so-called “Mozart effect” has been debunked for a long time now. In 1993, several scientists argued that the teens who were allowed to listen to Mozart’s sonata in D major later coped much better with special tests than children who accomplished a similar task in silence. Experts have explained this situation by saying that the music of Mozart’s works seems to be the most consistent with the height and purity of the brain signals. At the same time, they began to use Mozart’s music as a therapeutic treatment for Alzheimer’s and children with developmental disabilities. However, when it comes to affecting how we study, the “Mozart effect” — nothing more than a myth. But what about other tracks and styles?

At the same time, psychologist Frances Rauscher, argues that the right connection between music and the brain can enhance particular cognitive abilities (spatial representation, for example) in the short term. She also notes that performance-enhancing music depends on one’s preferences. So, if someone hates Mozart, then his compositions will be more annoying and will not stimulate intellectual activity.

Another scientist, Nick Perham of the University of Wales, believes that music can interfere with the brain skills needed to solve math problems or study a language. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you like the sound or not. He also found that music combined with a voice had a very negative effect on the learning process. However, all these considerations are rather pragmatic. If you need to relax a bit before adjusting to a long process of brain activity, then, of course, your favorite hits may come in handy.

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Music and Essay Writing

If music doesn’t have an immediate effect on cognitive skills, then how we can say that it is useful here and now for writing essays? However, there are reasons to believe that choosing the right songs and using this tool wisely, in general, can do some magic.

⦁ It’s all about focus. Being focused on some problems almost always means solving it. When you just start driving classes, they tell you that you drive where you look. That is why you should keep your eyes on the road. The same logic is here. If you keep your focus on writing your essay, you will most probably be able to finish it. If your mind wanders, there is a chance you miss the deadline. We are used to several flows of different information at a time, and sometimes it is useful to keep it that way artificially, to keep your mind busy. Some part of it is focused on writing an essay. Another is “blocked” from wandering by music. The trick is to find music that doesn’t “block” all your thinking and writing abilities.

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Anxiety should be reduced. Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed state among all psychological disorders. Even if you know about yourself that you normally are not too anxious, a close deadline can change your state of mind. Music can help to calm down, but only if you know tracks which have a soothing effect on you. If you want to use music to reduce anxiety, we recommend listening to it, not while writing, but to make some pauses for a track or two and sit with closed eyes for some time. If you know how to meditate – do it. If you don’t – just sit still, it is enough.
⦁ Your mind may need some irritation. Experts studying concentration, a person’s ability to keep going with the same monotonous task, say, that there is a thing called “concentration bubble.” When you are in it, you are very productive, you can catch a feeling of the flow. However, you can fall out of this flow in two directions. Sometimes you get overexcited. And you can’t get concentrated on one thing for long, your mind skips from topic to topic, your emotional state is unstable. In this case, it is better to limit “stressors” to a minimum. Listening to music in this state can make things worse. However, if you feel slow, your thoughts are like turtles, and it is hard to feel a sparkling interest. You should tease your brain with some stressors, and music is one of them.

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In short, music cannot make you truly smarter, but you can use it to concentrate better or to relax when needed. It can be a good companion for reading, studying, and writing. There is no one magic pill in terms of choosing helpful tracks – the “Mozart” effect was busted years ago. If you can study and write alongside music, try and use this powerful trick and see if it helps you. And when it comes to the type of classical you have to observe which music affects you, and best suits your needs, and use it when the time comes. There isn’t a universal type of classical music or a universal song or sonata that can help every person concentrate better.

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Be reasonable, and always remember that there are many options for achieving one goal. Stay inspired.