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Planning A Home Garage Lighting Layout

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Lighting is a primary resource to any place as it facilitates the basic functions which are carried out daily. Reimagining a world without lighting is almost impossible as our daily processes highly depend on the availability of this energy source. At all levels, residential, commercial and industrial the main tasks are only possible to carry out as long as there is a convenient light supply.

As all spaces require light not just to carry out tasks but also to facilitate the living conditions it must be ambient enough to not cause any hindrance in day to day life. Home garages are one of those spaces where people tend to spend a chunk of their time almost daily when it comes to operating a small business from home or just using that space for their convenience. Most garages are dimly lit and have just one light source as people tend to use them for vehicles or as storage areas.

Why is a proper lighting layout necessary for garages?

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Home garages specifically are rather convenient for various other things. They are multi-purpose as they can be used for parking, storage or as a private workspace. Since they are not entirely a part of the house they do not have any natural source of light and depend on light fixtures entirely for illumination.

A proper layout comes into play when garages are in use for parking as well as a workstation. As task-based spaces require a lot of general illumination along with light sources directly above the task space for facilitating the work, a layout helps in deciding general requirements of the light fixture in accordance with the dimensions of the area.

A layout is devised after taking the following into consideration:

  • Area of the garage ( ceiling height and total ground space)
  • Zones within the garage

This helps in narrowing down the requirements of the light fixture, its lumen requirement and positioning. For further reading on LED light fixtures for garages check this link. It helps in deciding the most adequate fixture for any kind of garage needs.

Why should we use LED light fixtures in garages?

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Traditionally a CFL, HPS or HID lamp is used or more so fluorescent tubes for lighting in garages. These lamps are quite inefficient and do not meet the criteria for proper lighting for garages. Being isolated from natural lighting sources they require powerful or careful lighting to facilitate the space as well as to ensure its safety.

LED light fixtures offer various benefits which are important to note for ease and efficiency. These light fixtures provide:

Energy-efficient lighting

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LED light fixtures provide powerful illumination throughout their working life. The effective measure of the brightness of LED lamps is in lumens. These lights produce more lumens at lower wattages and that has a remarkable impact as very little energy is consumed to reach optimum brightness levels.

Adjustable beam angle

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These fixtures are crafted to deliver better quality lighting. The light from these fixtures is uniform and adjustable for any elevation. LED lamps do not disperse the light in the surroundings and fall directly on the point of illumination. For wider spaces this phenomenon is especially beneficial as with a wide beam angle, light can evenly cover more space and in many cases each corner of the room. There are various fixtures that pertain to this quality. E.g LED wraparound lights.

Customisable lighting

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The biggest benefit of LED light fixtures is their convenient control options. These light fixtures do not stick to the usual lighting but most of these lamps have the switchable correlated colour temperature on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. The light can be warm yellow, bright white or daylight-like. For garages that serve as workspaces, 4000K is optimum. For further focus, these lamps have a higher colour rendering index than fluorescent lamps i.e above 80 which enhance focus by producing original texture and colour of objects in the surroundings.

Moreover, these lights are equipped with smart control options as they are dimmable and have motion sensors that help save a lot of energy when the space is not in use.


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LED lighting is the safest technology as it works on green lighting mechanisms. It has a direct impact on reducing the carbon footprint while also producing light which is healthy for individuals. The light from LED fixtures is known to have reduced the complaint of headaches and migraines in individuals exposed to it for extended periods of time. This light neither produces nor interacts with UV rays, is glare-free and has a glowy diffused light pattern. Unlike most fluorescent lamps, these lamps do not contain mercury so they are safe for the environment and easy to dispose of or recycle once they expire.

Conclusively, these lights are the future and have an effective impact on the improvement of the lighting industry all over. There are constant advancements made in this sector which further signifies the benefits of incorporating LED light fixtures in garages.