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How High-performance Car Parts Can Make You Win Track Races

Winning track races can be really challenging. It takes the perfect combination of excellent driving skills, the ideal car, less experienced rivals, and a bit of luck to be the first one that crosses the finish line.

When it comes to luck and how good of drivers your competitors are, there isn’t much you can do about it. But, only the first two ingredients are something that you’re in control of. Yet, while you could train 24/7 to win your next race and gain top driving skills, it may just not be enough if the vehicle you’re competing with isn’t what it should be: a high-performance car.

So, yes, winning a track race is often down to car tuning. For this, you need high-performance parts such as those provided by Cooksport, a company that specialises in car tuning. That’s when high-performance car parts shine!

One of the best things about cars is that they are highly customisable. They are precisely like a black canvas that you can modify to look exactly the way you want it to. But, high-car performance parts do more than simply modify the appearance of your race car. They improve everything about it, in every sense that you’d need to perform better in a race and win.

Whether you want your race car to be faster, perform better, feel more comfortable, or more efficient on the track, high-performance car parts can help. You can check out TDot Performance, a group of hardcore automobile and truck enthusiasts who are well-versed in the latest trends in the aftermarket. Keep reading below to see how high-performance car parts can make you win track races.

Source: Car and Driver

Tires: Improved car performance

If there’s one thing that you absolutely should not save money on when equipping your race car, that’s tires. We can’t stress this enough!

Although tires may not seem like the most glamourous upgrade you could make to your vehicle, a high-quality and high-performance set of tires will positively impact everything about your car’s performance. Tires can literally change everything about how your car works, from accelerating to braking to cornering. Why? Because tires are the only part of your vehicle that literally makes contact with the road.

There are several main differences between typical vehicle tires and race car tires. For example, typical ones are designed to hold up under extraordinary temperatures during their lifetime, while racing car levels are designed to resist excessive temperatures because of the speed.

Overall, investing in high-performance tires can improve your vehicle’s handling, steering responsiveness, cornering grip, and even shorten the braking distances. These are all improvements that can actually help you win the track race you’re taking part in.

Source: Demon Tweeks Blog

Engine parts: Increased horsepower in your engine

This obviously results in more speed!

The ideal car in track races is the one able to achieve great speed really fast. The good news is that some high-performance car parts can be the key to unlocking more horsepower and torque, helping you race faster. Parts like mufflers, cylinder heads, air filters, carburettors, or crankshafts are all parts that can transform a car’s engine, providing faster acceleration, improved pass-and-merge ability, and increased towing capacity.

For example, performance mufflers allow superior flow and a deeper tone without any noise in the cabin. High-performance, at the same time, are lighter, and that makes them better suited for track performance. High-performance air filters also give the vehicle a speed boost.

The more horsepower in your engine, the faster the car will be, allowing you to overtake your competitors on the track.

Source: India Today

Breaks/ Suspension: Increased security

Racing is by far any secure. There are plenty of risks that drivers are exposed to when driving at such high speeds, taking tight turns, or even when trying to overtake their rivals. Security is or should be a priority of any racer because there’s nothing more important than their wellbeing.

Now, the vehicle you’re driving on the race track needs to be equipped properly to keep you safe. And, two essential elements for this are the breaks and the suspension features.

High-performance brake parts like callipers, cushions, discs, and plates enhance the overall brake performance. Performance brake options are also designed to last longer and to reduce the weight of your vehicle without affecting the efficiency of the brakes. A lighter vehicle also helps improve speed.

As for suspensions, high-performance parts help keep the car stable, which is highly important when taking tight turns, and in contact with the road. Besides that, performance shock absorbers are also a part that helps improve ride quality, particularly important at high speeds.

Source: AutoZone

Cold air intake system/ exhaust system: Increased efficiency

Some high-performance cars are really fun to drive until the moment you realise that they burned through a full tank of gas in just a few hours.

But, even if the car is really powerful and it almost guarantees that you’ll win, when you’re training for hours daily, you don’t really want to take trips to the gas station every hour. High-performance parts like air intake system and exhaust system can help increase the efficiency of your race car and make your tank of gas last longer.

This way, you’ll spend more time on the track training for the upcoming race instead of losing time to refill your gas tank every hour.

Source: Autoweek

Race seats and harnesses: Improved comfort

If this is the first track race you’re preparing for, you probably aren’t aware of how important comfort is while driving at such speed, when you need to stay extra focused on everything that happens on the road and every move you need to do. Even if you’re not a pro racer yet, you likely know how bad of an experience it is to drive from an uncomfortable seat.

Really, an uncomfortable chair is the last thing that you want to have to deal with while racing for a victory. You have to put so much effort into keeping your body in place every time you take a turn or hit the brake, especially when you’re racing at such high speeds. But what if some of this effort will be supported by a supremely supportive seat? This will help you be able to make adjustments to the steering, brake, and accelerator pedal so much faster and easier, without having to stress about how your next move will affect your posture and security.