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4 Health Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

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Staying active and working out is essential to maintaining our bodies and to stay healthy. But, not everyone has enough free time to dedicate it to special workout programs, playing sports or some other activity. Most people who do not have that free time, they give up on the idea of staying active. This is not the right thing to do because your health will start to deteriorate. Fortunately, for those without enough time, indoor rock climbing is the solution. It won’t take up too much of your time, it will be effective and it will keep you active.

This activity is simply amazing. If you decide to take part in it, you will be building up the endurance, you will become stronger, you will understand your body’s balance and will feel better overall. The level of strength you can acquire by going to indoor rock climbing cannot be compared with any other sport or hobby. The benefits of it are quite obvious, but if you still need some convincing, here are some of them.

Cardio and strength combined

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It is well-known that doing cardio can be one of the most frustrating and draining things you can do. It is especially hard for those that are out of shape. I, personally feel awful when I start to do cardio exercises. Not only is it difficult, but it is also kind of boring. You have to do the same thing dozens of times to get some kind of result at the end. This includes running, climbing stairs, jumping rope, etc. All of these activities need to be repeated all the time.

However, with indoor rock climbing, you get that same level of cardio effect while also building up your strength. I think it is safe to say that there is no other exercise that can deliver both these effects combined. Just half an hour of climbing will improve your stamina and will build your muscles like you have spent an hour at the gym.

In fact, many studies have shown that just one session of rock climbing can be compared to 10 or more minutes of running. Keep in mind, if your body is not ready for this kind of cardio workout, you could get tired easily. Working out exhausted can be dangerous according to www.theclimbinggear.com which is why it is very important to have some kind of helmet for protection.

Great muscle workout

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Since rock climbing pushes a person’s stamina so much then the benefits for strength are probably not that impressive, right? It makes sense that only one aspect sees real benefits. Well, actually no. The interesting thing about this activity is that it improves every single aspect of your body. Your body is going to get toned, your muscles are going to get bigger, you will improve your stamina, your blood pressure will be better, and tons of other things. It is like the universal workout for everyone on this planet.

But wait, there is even more. Yes, you will tone your body and you will grow your muscles, but do you know which ones? Well, that’s the thing. You will actually activate almost every single muscle of your body. While climbing, you will need to use your biceps, your triceps, your core (abs), cows, your quads, and yes, basically everything. This means that you won’t have to worry about any of your other muscles lagging behind.

Compared with going to the gym, you have to dedicate one day for your arms, the next day for your legs, and the third day for your core. Unfortunately, not everyone has so much free time to dedicate to exercise at the gym. By going rock climbing, you can target your arms, legs, and core on the same day.

Helps you push yourself over the limits

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One of the more interesting things about the human body is the fact that its biggest obstacle is the mind. Yes, there are some thresholds for your muscles that require a lot of effort to break through, but the biggest problem is always the mind. You might have not known this, but when pushing your body to the maximum, your mind tries to limit how far you can go. This mental block is actually a good thing, but when exercising, we don’t need it. This exists to keep you from exhausting yourself and to save energy.

However, we are actively trying to exhaust ourselves for the best results. So, you will need to mentally push through that limit and that is not an easy thing. Many bodybuilders still struggle with this problem.

Interestingly enough, rock climbers claim that they have a much easier time pushing through that mental limit. I would guess the reason why it is easier is because you are basically hanging off a ledge. Your mind sees that as imminent danger will not limit you in any kind of way so you can “save yourself” and climb over that ledge.

Great way to deal with stress

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It is always great to have something in your life that will take your mind of some things. Constantly worrying about your family, school, or work is never healthy. Chronic stress can lead to much bigger problems and even diseases. Dealing with stress is not a simple task. It’s not just a press of a button and hope that everything will be okay. You need to fight against it. The best bite you can put up with stress is exercising. The stress you put on your body will remove the stress on your mind.

Of course, every kind of workout will help, but rock climbing may actually be the best of the bunch. This is probably because you have to invest a lot more into the climbing instead of just your muscles. You have to pave your way to the top, plan everything out, and then start pulling yourself up. The more dedicated you are to getting to the top, the clearer your mind will get.

So, if you’re having a lot of trouble at work these last couple of days, why not visit an indoor rock climbing center?