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Groupie Hazel-E Talks About James Harden, Trey Songz & More

Another groupie by the name of Hazel-E tries to cash out by heading to Wild 94.9 FM to spill the beans on her romantic affairs with  R&B singer Trey Songz and Oklahoma City Thunder star James Harden.

After receiving backlash from her interview singer/rapper Hazel-E hit up SOHH to clear the air.

While she is getting tagged to se*-related gossip stemming from the interview, Hazel said she also used the opportunity to speak on her records and burgeoning music career.

“I did not go on WiLD 94.9 with the intention of telling them who I slept with,” Hazel told SOHH in an exclusive statement provided by her publicist Domenick Nati. “I was contacted through my publicist for an interview about my new mixtape “Girl Code”. What listeners didn’t get to hear was the 25 minutes prior when I was trying to talk to my fans about my new music. [sic]”

“I’m a hot chick in the entertainment industry and I hooked up with some artists. It happens! So, yes I’ve had se* with some artists and athletes and yes I have beef with Natalie Nunn & Melyssa Ford, but did I go on the radio intending to divulge this information to boost my music career? No! I already have a buzz from my music and it’s based solely on my talent and look, not my personal life.” ~Hazel-E [sic]” (SOHH)

Rapper Hazel E–who has been trying to make her career happen since 2010–has moved on from asking folks to post her to music to revealing deets of the industry. She recently gave an interview where she gave up some dishy behind the scenes info on some big stars. She revealed that she slept with Trey Songz and said “He’s so much fun” in bed. She also messed with Trina’s boo, OKC baller James Harden. In a flirtatious way, she said “He goes hard” in the bedroom and added that James “Got down to work.”  When it came to “atti*ude” she said Cee-Lo and Eva Marcille were both big divas. It was also revealed that she saw Twista getting high. (The YBF)