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5 Great Reasons to Move to Auckland

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Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. This is the economic and financial center of this country – and it is also one of the most popular destinations on the tourist map of the world. It is considered the warmest and sunniest city in New Zealand, and that is why we introduce you to the beauties of this city. Many people today see New Zealand as the New Promised Land – and Auckland is first on the map to represent a good and quality life. Therefore, we offer you 5 great reasons to move to Auckland.

Auckland: The First Place You Think Of In New Zealand

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Today’s Auckland has longer prehistory than history itself. The settlement in this area originates from the 14th century – and was inhabited by the New Zealand natives of the Maori, who still live in New Zealand. Immigrants from Europe began to settle here only in the 20th century. Today, Auckland is one of the most important centers of New Zealand – and one of the most visited places in this island state. This is a big shopping city, modern – and still expanding its perspective and developing day by day. In the 19th century, due to the large influx of immigrants and development – it became the capital of New Zealand, but unfortunately, it did not retain that title. Nevertheless, Auckland remains a trademark of New Zealand to this day.

Great Reasons To Move To Auckland

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1. It is the center of culture, trade, and tourism – all in one place

Although many consider it to be located at the very end of the world – Auckland is an ideal destination for unforgettable enjoyment and vacation, but also for life, especially if you are considering relocating. This city is considered one of the most ideal in the world for living and working. Truth be told, Auckland is a really great city. Whether it’s enjoying the culture of this place, its beautiful beaches, parks, or rugby – this is a city that never leaves you without emotions. It is one of those cities where everyone can find something for themselves. After all, it is the same as the rest of this beautiful and unique country. Developed and culturally uplifted, Auckland is the right place to stay for a long time and spend the rest of your life in this paradise city.

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2. This is a multicultural city that offers you many opportunities

Auckland, a modern city with numerous business towers, and a population of over a million inhabitants. It is also the largest and most populated city in New Zealand – although it lies in a volcanic field that contains at least 53 volcanoes. This city is a business and financial center – and one of the world’s most important nautical centers. Auckland is the only city in the world built on a basaltic volcanic area that is still active. However, people are accustomed to such a way of life – and they are not too excited about it. The population of this largest and most developed city has mostly immigrated from Europe. However, today there are plenty of Hindus, Asians, and other nations – and they all function flawlessly in this large multicultural community. As natives, the Maori are also a trademark and the oldest inhabitants of Auckland.

3. Culture, entertainment, and social life

The cultural and social life of this city is highly developed. We will tickle the imagination of those who may be planning to dedicate their lives to this city and move. We will give you reasons and introduce you to life in Auckland and its natural beauties and attractive places to see when you come. Get ready to live in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand. You may need a manual on what to see – so bestrated.co.nz is here to help. For wine lovers, this place is a real attraction. The wine tour is an indispensable part of a tour of New Zealand. Near Auckland are some of the most famous and highest quality wine producers. Visitors can take a short trip out of town and enjoy the taste of this wonderful pizza and enjoy the landscapes that relax and unwind.

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4. Business Opportunities

As far as jobs are concerned, Auckland is very specific. It is because most employees in various branches of business, work 4 days, and have a three-day rest. According to research there, the effect of business is much greater. You don’t have to worry about the salary because it is the same – or even in some jobs and higher, compared to longer working hours. Less stress and more commitment to the family – that is what employers in Auckland are trying to implement. And they succeeded in that because the employees are far more productive and come to work happy. It just means that life in this heavenly place is much better than in most other countries – where more work is done and under more tension. There is no such thing in Auckland because every citizen is taken care of here – and tomorrow, that can be you.

5. Rugby – a symbol of Auckland

Rugby is a true symbol of Auckland and a national and sporting landmark of New Zealand. The life of this city can often be put in just one word – rugby. For some nations, public holidays may be the main item, we’re not saying that’s not the case here – but rugby is almost a sacred thing in Auckland. Whether it’s the Blues in Eden Park or the All Blacks (National Team) – a rugby match is something that must be seen when it comes to this city. This national sport is something that is the pride of these people and they are very successful in that. So by moving you accept rugby very quickly – and who knows, maybe you will try it yourself.

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Recent research has shown that New Zealand is the best country to live in! The survey, which selected New Zealand as the country with the best life, included 132 countries, and the final list was not compiled according to financial growth or GDP – but according to more than 50 other indicators divided into three groups: Basic human needs, well-being, and opportunities. Cleanliness, ecology, and safety are at the highest possible level. Namely, there is legislation for everything and people adhere to it and are fully aware of how important it really is and in that sense, it is much simpler and more beautiful. So if you were thinking of moving to Auckland – go ahead!