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The Recreational Facilities of Grand Dunman Singapore

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Being part of a lively community means that you have the opportunity to avail a variety of recreation facilities to meet the various needs and preferences of the residents. Grand Dunman Singapore is above and beyond to offer an array of facilities to ensure that residents live a full and active life.

Recreational facilities which create Grand Dunman a truly exceptional living space:

Swimming Pools

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Relax and unwind in Grand Dunman Singapore’s two breathtaking swimming pools. The 80-meter Grand Pool offers ample space for guests to take an enjoyable swim, or participate in water-based pursuits. To provide a relaxing experience The Hydro massage pool is equipped with therapeutic jets to take away the stress that comes with the daily grind.


Grand Dunman Singapore boasts two spacious clubhouses, which act as social centers for the residents. The Jewel Clubhouse offers a wide array of facilities, such as an all-inclusive gym that is equipped for those who love fitness as well as a sauna and steam room to relax as well as a space to host events as well as a library to accommodate people who love books, as well as an area for games to play friendly games. Its Pool Clubhouse offers a gym to those who want intense exercise, a room to hold gatherings, as well as barbecue areas for enjoying meals outdoors.


Children with small children are sure to enjoy the specially designed playground located at Grand Dunman Singapore. The playground was created with safety and enjoyment with a focus on safety This playground provides the ideal space for children to play in the sun, play, and create lasting memories of their childhood.

Jogging Track

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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle by using the track for jogging in Grand Dunman Singapore. If you’re looking for a relaxing walk or vigorous running, this track is a great place for residents to participate in fitness while taking in the natural beauty around them.

24-Hour Security System

Assuring that the safety and tranquility of residents is of paramount importance to Grand Dunman Singapore. The state of the art 24-hour security systems installed, residents are able to rest assured about their well-being and be able to enjoy the resort’s recreation amenities without worrying.

BBQ Zone

If you love outdoor cooking and socializing, Grand Dunman Singapore provides an area for barbecues where guests can meet with families and friends for a meal on the grills and memorable times. You can enjoy dining outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous greenery and a warm ambiance.

Treetop Walk

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Get a spectacular view of the landscape surrounding you through the treetop walkway at Grand Dunman Singapore. The elevated path offers breathtaking views and lets residents be surrounded by nature as they walk among the trees.

Pet Park

Grand Dunman Singapore recognizes the significance of pets in the lives of residents. This pet park is an enjoyable and safe place for the residents to connect with their furry friends. Allow your pet to roam around and play in this specifically made space.


Grand Dunman Singapore takes great satisfaction in offering an impressive range of leisure facilities that improve the quality of living. If you’re looking for recreation, fitness, and outdoor activities or social events the swimming pool, clubhouses, playground, BBQ area, jogging track, treetop walks, pet parks, and 24-hour security systems have something to offer. Take advantage of healthy and enjoyable living in this wonderful neighborhood, where recreation and moments of happiness are only a few steps from your door.