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Gabby Douglas’ Gets A Celebrity Hair Makeover

During the Olympics, Gabby Douglas’ hair became a trending topic and a hot debate about women, race and beauty. Haters were going to hate on her “”unkempt”” bun — even as she made history and became the first African-American woman to win the gold for all-around gymnastics.

To this day if you Google her name, the second category that still comes up is “”Gabby Douglas hair.””

“”I’m sure that if she worried about her hair more than gaining the gold medal, people would still have something to say such as ‘If she was not worrying about her hair and focusing on the gold medal she would have won,'”” Alexandria Williams, a triathlete and co-founder of SportyAfros, which was one of the first sites to address the controversy, tells Hollywood.com.

President Barack Obama made the invitation in a phone call. “We’ll definitely take him up on it,” Douglas said.

Do you like her new look?