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Future of Gambling? The Variants Expected to Thrive in 2024

Georgia has yet to legalise online gambling, but it seems on the horizon and once it does, it will be catapulted into what is comfortably the industry’s most exciting time.

The gambling sector is thriving in the legal states across the USA and indeed the world, and that’s thanks to the innovative ways in which it continues to operate in order to excite fans and keep them entertained long-term.

One way in which they are doing so across the board is with new and innovative games. 2024 is expected to be a big year for a number of those, so what should you be playing over the next 12 months?

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Swedish Bingo

The more traditional forms of bingo have been big hits for players across 2024, but it’s the newer variants which are expected to really thrive across 2024 as those newer players look to broaden their horizons and look for new thrills.

Slingo bingo is one that will be particularly popular, while the Swedish variation of the game is expected to be a real hit. It’s seen more and more new players across 2024, largely because there are more chances to win compared to the likes of 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

Prizes can be won by being the first to complete one line, two lines, three lines, four lines and the full house, meaning five different chances to win!

You’ll find games such as Swedish Bingo more and more commonly available at bingo sites, and they certainly won’t be worth missing out on over the next year.

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Virtual Sports

Bookmakers had a void to fill for a few months during 2024 with no Premier League soccer, or indeed any elite sport at all for fans to bet on. In fact, when it came to live sport, people only had the Belarusian league to look forward to.

For bookmakers, they developed their virtual sport offering, bringing the likes of football, soccer, darts, horse racing and rugby to life in virtual form. During the period, they became quite the hit, and brands have continued to develop their offering even with live sport returning.

This is because it gives players the opportunity to watch and bet on games 24/7 and it’s an area that is getting more traction with fans, particularly during football international weeks.

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Live Casino

During the lockdown, with casinos closed, players have been craving as close to the real thing as possible when it comes to playing the likes of blackjack and poker, which has led to a surge in players enjoying the live casino versions.

Live casino is essentially like gaming in a real life casino, but via video link, with real-life croupiers and the ability to communicate with other players at the table.

It’s the next step between online casino and virtual reality casino, which is slowly starting to creep in, offering the most immersive casino experience around. That could start to become more popular during 2024, but the technology and equipment to play that needs to become more accessible before hitting the heights of a live casino.

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As well as virtual sports, Esports are also seeing a rapid rise in players betting on them, with many events now as popular as the more traditional sports.

Such has been the rise of Esports there has even been talks that they may make an appearance in the Olympics!

For those that don’t know, Esports is essentially competitive video gaming and you’ll find a large number of events these days that are watched by millions around the world.

Because of that a substantial betting market has developed and it’s one that is growing by the day, with events such as the Fortnite World Cup, The International and the League of Legends World Championship among the most popular to back.

However, there are more Esports games to back too. Many brands these days offer daily betting on Esports for the likes of DOTA 2, FIFA, CS:GO and many more.

It’s a market that is already competing with betting markets such as tennis, golf and cricket and if it does start to take a more prominent place in popular culture, i.e. getting more TV time or being welcomed into the Olympic Games then it’s only going to make it an even more popular area of gambling in the future.

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Slingo Bingo

Slingo Bingo, as mentioned, is a new bingo variant that has become a phenomenon in a similar way to Swedish Bingo.

It’s like no other variant of bingo and is perfect for the single player with you not competing against anyone else.

It’s a combination of slots and bingo, with players required to spin the reels of a slot to mark off the numbers on their bingo card.

The aim of the game is to do that in a set number of spins, with players receiving a payout if they do so and it’s the perfect game for players who are looking for something a little new and exciting.

It can’t be found in any bingo hall and is an online exclusive that’s seeing players come back time and time again.

You’ll find more and more cropping up on bingo sites and online casinos, with the beauty of the slot element being they now come in a variety of different themes and in some cases are inspired by some of the more popular slots on the market such as Rainbow Riches slingo bingo.

There’s a bright future for this variant and it’s going to kick start a new variant of bingo game as developers look to keep players entertained. Roulette bingo has already began to emerge as a result of this, using the wheel to mark off numbers in a similar manner to slingo, while 52-ball bingo uses a deck of cards.

There’s more to come from marrying casinos and slots and 2024 could well be a big year as slingo bingo develops and many more games come out of it to take bingo gaming to the next level.