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How to Find a Reliable Luxury Natural Stone Supplier

Natural stones encapsulate beauty, history, culture and are intensely associated with luxury and quality. Thus, it would be best to consider some intrinsic factors when choosing natural stones and the natural stones supplier.

The natural stones come in different forms in the market, and some manufacturers add sophisticated designs and styles. Some are ideal for minimalist interior designs, while others exhibit extravagance designs. Depending on your taste and preference, you have the freedom to select the best natural stones from reputable suppliers such as Saturnia.

Factors to consider while selecting natural stones supplier include the following:

Types of Natural Stones

All-natural stones are stunning and distinctive. However, they have diversified uses; some are suitable for interior surfaces while others are suitable for exterior finishes. It is essential first to understand the type of stones and where they can be used in your home.  Some of the prevalent natural stones include:

1. Bianco Maremma

Source: Saturnia Travertini

When choosing a natural stone, you should consider the properties and application of that stone. Bianco Maremma is allegedly the most durable natural stone, which is stunningly beautiful. It is rich in color, and its distinctive veining gives it a high-impact look and unrivaled grandeur.

The rock is resistant to scratches and stains, standing up well to splashes, sharp objects, and other wear and tear. Primarily it does not conduct heat which makes it perfect for insulation of your home.

The stones are usually used in natural stone flooring, wall cladding, backsplashes, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and fireplace surroundings.

2. Montemerano Classico

Source: Pinterest

Montemerano Classico is travertine with a unique character and is primarily used in bathtub surroundings, shower tiles, sinks, and pool surroundings. It is porous and frequently needs to be filled and honed for a perfect and intelligent look. The stone has an ancient look, thus mainly used in indoors and outdoors decorations. Most stone lovers would prefer this travertine stone for its natural and unique looks.

3. Onyx

Source: Pinterest

Onyx is a silicate stone with a distinctive pattern of parallel bands. It is gentle pastel in color and usually polished to a high gloss, looking very impressive. However, it is prone to scratches thus mitigates for frequent sealing to extend its lifespan.

4. Quartzite

Source: StoneADD

Quartzite is sparkled in both sunlight and artificial light due to its tiny quartz crystals in the stone matrix embedded. Many builders and decorators prefer the stone due to its color and texture in decoration. Some of the quartzite variety includes dolce vita quartzite and white macaubas quartzite. The dolce vita quartzite projects a yellow-orange glow thus making it appear more traditional.

Financial and Cost Consideration

Before making an order from a natural stone supply, an intelligent person considers first the supplier’s cash flow. The supplier’s cash flow should be firm, and often a credit checker is used to reassure the client that the supplier won’t go out of the business. You should first contact the supplier to get the stones’ free estimates before making a final choice.

Ensure you state what you prefer before a specific price statement is sent to you. Visiting showrooms and design centers makes you exposed to a variety of samples before settling for one supplier.

The Distance from the Supplier

Natural stone is heavy, and considering the distance from the supplier is crucial. The expense increases with the increase in distance since the supplier will consider the transportation factor. You are advised to first check on the nearest supplier before concluding where to get your natural stone.

Furthermore, there is the risk of damage to be considered. The more one is far from the fabricator, the more the chances of damage. Also, nearby suppliers may offer you free transportation services since the distance is most likely reasonable.

Source: Decor Luxury Stones

Referrals from Friends and Relatives

Friends and family who have purchased natural stones that are competent can refer you to a reliable natural stone supplier whose products and supply are perfect. One might get contradictory information from different friends, and the only best way to avoid this problem is to get information from as many sources as possible.

Getting information and referrals helps you get reliable first-hand information. After referrals, you can gauge the data, and the supplier with more positive news is regarded as the best.

Industry Experience

Industry experience is gauged as per the years they have supplied and made a relationship with the clients. A supplier that has been in the industry for a more extended period, is more reliable than a supplier that has been in business for few years.

Every supplier must be in business for some time to acquire reputation and trust from their clients. Adequate knowledge helps the company supply high-end products and adjust according to the prevailing market trends.

Source: Decor Luxury Stones

The Invention Records

You can choose the supplier with a significant inventory record for a specific type of natural stone. Since the company is known for that type of stone specialty, it assures you a proper supply with no fail. You can get ample variety and options that look creative, have unique designs and beauty for your luxury home.

Capability to Customize

Customization of stones requires competent skills from the supplier’s company. Most natural stones require customization for various designs, purposes, and places the natural stone will be used. A company that offers customization services produces stones with a diversity of size, format, thickness, and finishing giving them a luxurious appearance.

Certified Supplier

Selling of stone and distribution requires a high skill of operation of the machine from the workers. Certification of a company is mandatory, and if one pays a visit to the company, you are required to ask for their license of operation.

Source: www.ssathome.co.uk

Key Takeaway

There are numerous types of natural stones available in the market. In the selection process, you need to be proactive in selecting the suitable stone and supplier. An excellent natural stone supplier should be certified, provide diverse options, and have a reputable track record.

Ensure you source from suppliers who guarantee quality and original materials. Following the above guide will help you make an informed decision in your purchasing process.