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6 Features to Ensure Your Custom-Built Shed Matches Your Needs

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A wide range of industries can make use of sheds, also known as outside buildings. You can specifically order hay or machinery sheds or barns for agricultural activities or opt for commercial or industrial designs for manufacturing or storage purposes. But, what if you want to tailor your shed design to suit your personal requirements?

Quality custom sheds are your solution and you have the option to include as many different features as you want to match your needs. Read on as we talk about custom-built sheds and what features you can combine to get the most out of your outside building.

6 Features to Consider when Ordering Your Custom-Built Shed

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1. Specifications to Give You the Space You Need

With custom-made sheds, you can stipulate how much roof and floor space you need. Working with experts who design, manufacture and build top-quality sheds ensures you get the measurements that suitable for your needs.

If you’re looking for more storage or working space, customising the length, height and width can make a space much more practical. Professionals in the industry will discuss your specification needs and help you with a design to suit your agricultural, industrial or commercial business needs.

2. Quality Materials and Products for a Durable Shed

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Reputable Australian shed suppliers go out of their way to use quality materials and products to ensure your shed can withstand harsh climates, while looking good at the same time. Australian-made steel with a category 2 wind rating is one example of the type of material you should insist on if you want long-term value from your investment.

The use of commercial paint products, hot dip galvanisation and powder coating give a lasting and finished look to the structure. Quality materials and products and skilled workmanship guarantee that your custom shed withstands all weather and lasts for many years.

3. Various Colour Grades to Match Your Brand or Environment

You can select a colour to match your brand or the environment you’re in. Professional shed suppliers can offer you a wide range of colour grades to complement your shed design while giving it a neat and finished look.

Professional grade colour options can include muted hues for an understated but classic finish or you can go bright with darker blues, greens or even red to make a statement! Quality paint products ensure the colour doesn’t fade or deteriorate over time, keeping your shed looking smart for longer.

4. Quality Manufacturing Processes for Excellent Outcomes

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Professional shed manufacturers appreciate the value of using proper manufacturing processes to ensure your custom-built shed is structurally stable. Quality manufacturing processes include:

  • Laser-cut connection plates that are welded directly to columns for added strength and precision.
  • Sub-frames are made with the best quality steel for durability and long-lasting strength.
  • Columns and rafters that are fully manufactured with roof and wall cleats ensure strong bolt connections for a sturdy structure.
  • In-house manufacturing often guarantees quality workmanship and timely output to meet the customer’s expectation.

5. Add-Ons to Optimise Your Custom Shed

Add-ons can make a world of difference to your custom shed, especially if you have workers spending a lot of time inside them. Consider the following optional features to convert your custom-build shed into a comfortable workplace:

Roof ventilation: A cost-effective way to keep your outside building cool and well-ventilated without relying on air conditioning units to do the job.

Fibreglass skylights: Allow more natural light to shine in, so you don’t have to waste money using artificial lights to keep the interior bright.

Access doors: Adding personal access doors allows you and your workers to move in and out safely and freely. You can choose between sliding or hinged door designs.

Roller doors: This add-on ensures your shed is fully secured when you shut down business for the night or on weekends.

Windows: Adding windows to your shed is another way of bringing in more light and ventilation without using artificial, energy-draining fixtures.

Insulation: Sheds can overheat in summer or get icy cold during the winter months. Adding insulation to the design keeps the indoor climate comfortable for your workers while protecting fragile parts prone to extreme temperatures.

With these optional extras, you can use custom-made sheds as a factory or manufacturing plant while giving your workers a healthy and safe environment to work in.

6. Easy Assembling for DIY Installation On-Site

When custom sheds are well-made and manufactured for simple DIY installation, you can assemble them without waiting for installers to do the job for you. Look for suppliers who can offer you this option and make sure they include an easy-to-follow instruction booklet for proper installation.

Even if the shed is made to be assembled effortlessly, you can hire professional installers to save you time. With proper guidelines and their expertise, you can rest assured they’ll assemble the structure so it’s safe and solid.

Final Tip

Remember, friendly and efficient customer service and technical support are essential to ensure you get the most from your custom-built shed. Combine this with the additional features mentioned in this article and you’ve got yourself a shed that will stand the test of time while offering optimal functionality!