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6 Most Famous Football Players Who Like To Gamble

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Gambling and football have long been associated with one another. Throughout the years, there have been numerous professional football players who have enjoyed gambling in their spare time. Some of these players made headlines for the wrong reasons but others simply enjoy betting on themselves or having fun at the casino.

For those who like to game on a regular basis, there are some highly-recognizable professional players who’ve gained a reputation for enjoying gambling. Whether it’s placing bets online, playing in underground poker clubs, or just having some fun at casinos, some of these well-known athletes don’t shy away from gambling activities. If you too are interested in trying your luck, visit CasinoHEX UK for some excellent advice.

David Beckham

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David Beckham is an iconic figure in professional football who has achieved high levels of success throughout his career. He played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and the Los Angeles Galaxy before retiring in 2013, and was a member of England’s national team from 1996 until 2009. As one of the most famous players in the world, Beckham drew significant media attention during his time as an active player.

An avid gambler, Beckham had been known to frequent casinos on multiple occasions. During a 2009 trip to Las Vegas with his wife Victoria and some friends, he reportedly lost more than $150K at poker. He also claimed that he never actually won more than he lost during this trip. However, there have been reports that Beckham was not just playing for fun but rather trying to win large sums of money to keep up with his celebrity lifestyle. This could be seen as a sign of problem gambling behavior due to the fact that someone like Beckham would have easy access to funds should he want or need them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo has made headlines for both his excellent footballing ability and his love of gambling. Fans of the Juventus forward have been well aware of his enthusiasm for gambling, as he was frequently spotted in casinos up until 2018 when he stated that he was cutting back on these visits.

Despite this, it is still an activity that he has always been a fan of and one which has led to him having quite a bit of success throughout the years. He is known to gamble on many games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and online casino games such as slots. Furthermore, it may even be said that because of his love for gaming Ronaldo is known to get into the occasional friendly wager with fellow players over golf tournaments or anything else where betting can be involved.

Wayne Rooney

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Wayne Rooney is the most decorated English footballer of all time. He spent twelve years with Manchester United and four with Everton before joining American Major League Soccer in 2018. A sought-after scorer of goals, he has been an inspiration to many future generations of players.

Off the pitch, Wayne Rooney has developed an interest in gambling that has made headlines around the world. He is a regular at some of the top casinos in London and Las Vegas, and it is reported that he likes to place bets on a variety of sporting teams. The most popular betting markets for Rooney include football, rugby, and horse racing, though he occasionally dabbles in bingo or lottery games as well.

His biggest win was reportedly an eight-figure sum on a bet related to the US Presidential Election in 2016. His penchant for gambling took a negative turn in 2017 when he lost £500,000 on one night at a casino due to high-stakes gambling and poor decision-making; however, most sources claim his total wealth still stands comfortably above £90 million due to his impressive career earnings from footballing alone.

Presently retired from professional football, one can assume that Wayne Rooney still continues to enjoy dabbing his toes into online sports betting sites every once in a while!

Gianluigi Buffon

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Gianluigi Buffon is an Italian professional footballer widely considered to be one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. He spent most of his career at Juventus, where he set numerous records, including the most appearances and most away clean sheets in Serie A history. Throughout his career, Buffon has been known for his gambling activity which includes playing poker and blackjack.

He stated: “Footballers like these games a lot because they’re competitive by nature. When you’ve won four or five games consecutively, that gives you incredible satisfaction.” He takes his gambling seriously and often visits high-stakes tournaments in Casino de Monte Carlo and Casino de Saint Vincent.

Buffon also noted that gambling can become “a vice…you can become addicted very easily without realizing it until it’s too late”.

Mario Balotelli

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Balotelli has had an illustrious career, having already represented some of Europe’s biggest clubs, including Inter Milan, Manchester City, and Liverpool. He is also the winner of numerous awards, so it comes as no surprise to learn that he has a large fanbase.

The Italian star was revealed to have lied about his age when registering at a casino at the age of eighteen — a fact which earned him multiple fines and warnings over his years as a professional player.

His love for gambling led to multiple controversies during his time at some of Europe’s biggest clubs. In one notable incident, he threw a bouncy ball containing £5000 worth of winnings out of a hotel window after learning he was unable to take it out with him. In another instance, he was fined £25000 by Manchester City for losing too much money through online poker sites without the club’s permission.

Despite these incidents, Mario Balotelli remains one of the greatest footballers who like gambling and still enjoys taking risks today using legal outlets such as sports betting sites in Italy. As such, it can be said that Mario Balotelli exemplifies how sensible individuals can also enjoy betting every now and then with proper control over their activities and budgeting skills!

Tony Adams

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Tony Adams is a former English footballer who enjoyed much success in his career. He made 669 appearances for Arsenal Football Club, the team he has been associated with since his youth, and is Arsenal’s longest-serving captain in its history. He captained the national team of England on 14 occasions and also won 66 caps during his international career.

Adams was well known for being an avid gambler throughout his illustrious playing career, reportedly losing large sums of money while playing poker with some of Europe’s top players. Adams’ gambling was so prolific that it overshadowed some of his footballing achievements and led to many feeling that he had squandered much of the fortune he had earned from football in his later life.

When speaking about it publicly, Adams said: “I did not understand the risks I was taking with compulsive gambling; I just knew it felt comforting”. He since focused on promoting educational charities such as Addaction which works specifically with young people to raise awareness about gambling addiction.


It’s clear that a large number of famous football players have been drawn to the world of gambling. From betting on games to playing in casinos, these football players are no strangers to risking their money—and sometimes their reputations—in pursuit of the potential rewards.