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Some of the Did You Know Facts That You Must Know

Although we think we know everything that actually exists on the planet and we know all the facts, there are still a large number of things that we have not yet heard or come into contact with. The planet we live on is a big mystery that still has to give us answers that we didn’t know until now. For some of the questions, even the scientists did not have answers, so they had to investigate to find the answer, or else to monitor the phenomenon they were aiming at in order to find the answer. And then? Then they share the answer with us to introduce us to the news they came up with.

As people grow older, we are more aware that we are learning even outside school. And for us to be wiser, we need to explore, research, study, and ask other people about many things. Life is full of mystery, that’s why we need to crave more knowledge, and that knowledge should be handy soon. With that, here are some of the did-you-know facts that you must know.

Flamingos Eat Their Food With Heads Upside Down

Source: nationalgeographic

Due to the Flamingo’s mouth structure, they are not able to eat normally. They rustle up their food from muds and salty water, then lower their bills and use it to filter their food. The tongue of a flamingo assists in pumping their food filled with water three to four times per second, and that’s because they are filter feeders. Bills of other birds are the opposite of the Flamingos, the upper bills are not established, and the lower one is more massive. But Flamingos perfectly adapted that upside-down setting.

Resistant Starch is a superfood that you must know about

Source: helthline.com

Many of us dread eating carbs, but after this information you’ll start looking for those good carbs like Resistant Starch. It is a good type of carbohydrate that can be found in certain types of food, says Supergut, where this topic is discussed in detail. It is indicated that Resistant Starch can be found in green bananas, uncooked rolled oats, potato starch, corn starch or in cooked and cooled potatoes or rice. We’re sure you didn’t know this information, and you’d do well to research it to learn more about the benefits.

Moths Have No Stomachs

Source: wikipedia

You thought that every living organism that exists on the planet has a digestive system, that is, they have a stomach? However, this is not the case even though it is normal for each of us that every animal or insect has a digestive system, but still things are not always as we think or assume.

There are some kinds of species that do not eat after they transpire from their sheath. For example, there is a specie called Luna. They don’t eat anything at all as they don’t have stomaches in their bodies. Their life is only a week. The only purpose of their life is to lay eggs after getting mate then die.

Rabbits Eat their Poop

Source: bbc

If you think you know each other, believe us you don’t. There are many things that we do not know especially when it comes to the habits of animals and the way they live and behave, and here is one piece of information that is a reality, but actually not so well known.

Rabbits and hares produce two kinds of droppings, little black hard and dry ones, and the other one is softer, moist, and sticky feces, which consist of nutrients. The soft one that is chosen to eat again is known as cecotropes. Cecotropes, also called night feces, is full of valuable nutrients, such as B vitamins, protein, and fiber, all the rabbit needs. They are re-ingesting the cecotropes to reabsorb all the nutrients from the food. Since it only comprises at night, you will only be able to see the rabbit eating their stool late at night or early morning, and that process is once daily.

The 8% of Earth’s Population has One More Rib

Source: verywellhealth

Although biology, medicine and similar sciences that study the human body say that the facts are 100% correct, there are some 8% that say that this is not so. Those 8% are the people who have something different about them, and that is the fact that they have more ribs.

There are twenty-four ribs in every fully developed person. That means twelve ribs on one side of the body. But out of every two hundred persons, there is a person who born with one extra rib. The name of this extra rib is a vertical rib. That rib can be seen during the time of birth. It grows from the neck base and situated before the collarbone. It can either on one side of the body, which can be left or right.

In many cases, the rib doesn’t even appear in an XRay as sometimes it is just a slender filament of fiber. But the good thing is that it doesn’t create complications to the person who has it. In the case, if it squeezes near the nerves or blood vessels, it can create insensitivity of the arm. It can also cause neck pain.

Every Planet is named after God except for Earth

Source: scitechdaily

Have you ever heard how planets are named? This is usually taught in geography classes in elementary school, and it is also a topic that is covered in history. It is a fact that is very interesting, and we are sure that you did not know it.

It might surprise you to know that every Planet of the solar system is named after a specific God’s name. There are another 7 total planets in the system except for the Earth and all of them were named after the Roman Gods. This happened back then in the ancient time where these planets were visible to the naked eyes. These planets include Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

World’s oldest sperm came from a Shrimp

Source: nzherald

Yes, it’s true. An ostracod, also known as “Shrimp,” is responsible for the oldest fossilized sperm in the world. These creatures existed thousands of years ago. The length measured of them was measured to be 1.3 millimeters, which is like a similar sperm length.

The Vegetable Musical Instrument

Source: exploreitall

Although none of us would have ever guessed that there is an instrument that we can otherwise consume after playing a tune on it, this fact still exists and we are introducing you to it today.

There was an Australian music group by the name of Das Erste Wiener. They were famous for using the instrument made from only vegetables. All of their musical instruments were made from vegetables, so after the show gets end, they used those vegetables to make the sops for their audience.

Avocado – The world’s most nutritious fruit

Source: thespruceeats

The single Avocado holds more than 25 essential nutrients, which makes it one of the most nutritious fruit, but most people still ignore this fruit because it contains high-fat content, which is also part of its nutrients.

Canned food Last way longer than its expiry Date

Source: doctordavidfriedman

All of the companies that offer canned food play this trick, which might shock you. The canned food is potentially good to consume, even after the years of the expiry date mentioned on it. These companies only put those expire date to increase their sales so that consumer can throw the old unconsumed canned food and buy the new ones from them.

Hickey caused the death of a young boy

Source: citynews

Julio Macias was a young Mexican boy. He was only Seventeen-years old when he died due to Hickey. Her girlfriend didn’t know that but a Blood clot was formed by the hickey which has a direct connection with the boy’s brain. This formation of this blood clot became the reason for his death at a very young age.

Leeches get attracted towards Garlic

Source: sweetjesusdevotions

Vegetable Garlic is one of the known and oldest nurtured crops. History tells that the Great Pyramid builders use to eat Garlic to gain more strength in their bodies. Another surprising yet tested fact that Garlic attracts blood-sucking leeches. It was tested on a human, and the results were that It took around 45 seconds to leeches to suck flood from a clean hand, whereas it took only 14.9 seconds to suck the blood from a hand covered with Garlic.


Many people say – knowledge is strength, knowledge is power. But today we realized that there are still things that hardly anyone knows and hardly anyone has met somewhere to find out. But that’s why we are here to inform you and give you the most interesting facts that you probably didn’t know, and some of these facts will help a large part of you. One thing is important, and that is the fact that knowledge is a continuous process in which every day we learn something and it is necessary to try to find out new things, because as we saw today, the planet has many mysteries that for us are not yet are known, but we can find them out.