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Top 5 Customizations to Elevate Your UKG Experience with CloudApper

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If you’re utilizing UKG (which was previously known as UltiPro) as the solution for managing your human resources, you may be seeking more methods to modify the platform so that it can better serve the requirements of your business. Integrating CloudApper with UKG will give you extra customization possibilities, which will, in turn, improve your entire experience with UKG and make it easier for you to accomplish this aim. The following is a list of the top five modifications that may be made to your UKG system right now using CloudApper:

1. Push notifications that may be modified

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With CloudApper, you are able to build and deliver personalized push notifications to your workers. These alerts can contain essential information about your employees’ work schedules, benefits, or any other changes that are pertinent. Alerts may be sent to particular groups of workers based on criteria such as department, location, or job position, and they can be delivered straight to their mobile devices. This is possible because of the fact that the notifications can be targeted to specific groups of employees.

2. GPS monitoring

The GPS tracking function of CloudApper enables you to track the whereabouts of your workers in real time. This feature may be helpful for controlling attendance and ensuring that employees are clocking in and exiting from the appropriate place. The tool may also be used to monitor employee productivity, making certain that workers are putting in the most amount of effort possible throughout their allotted time at work.

3. Time and attendance monitoring

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CloudApper, in addition to providing GPS tracking, also offers time and attendance tracking tools that can be combined with your UKG solution. These features may be used to keep tabs on employees. CloudApper provides an option that is far more cost-effective and can transform any Android or iOS smartphone into a time capture device that can be used with UKG. Although UKG enables time punch via their In Touch Time Clock, CloudApper is able to do so. This gives you the ability to monitor and manage a variety of employee-related processes, including job attestation and transfer, attendance, and more, all from a single centralized place.

4. SMS-based HCM task interactions

Employees are able to handle all of their WFM and HCM responsibilities through SMS thanks to CloudApper’s SMS-based self-service capabilities, which are offered as part of the company’s employee self-service offering. The capabilities include completely individualized interactions that are controlled by the CloudApper AI technology. Because of this, HR departments may see a reduction in the amount of work they have to do, and employee engagement may increase because workers will find it easier and quicker to obtain the information they need.

5. Reporting & Analytics

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CloudApper App Community for UKG offers sophisticated reporting and analytics tools that can be linked with your UKG solution. These tools may be used in conjunction with CloudApper’s reporting and analytics capabilities. These technologies provide you the ability to obtain insights into important HR indicators like employee attendance, turnover, and engagement, as well as to make choices based on the data you collect to optimize your HR procedures.

You can make all of these adjustments and many more by integrating CloudApper with your UKG solution. This will assist you to simplify your HR operations, boost employee engagement, and create better business outcomes. CloudApper gives the customizable choices you need to meet your objectives, whether those goals are to automate the recording of time and attendance, improve employee self-service, or obtain useful insights into your HR data. CloudApper can help you achieve all of these goals.