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Dreams Gentlemen’s Club Strip Club Review


Let me start with saying I visited the club 4 times before deciding to give a official review from this past Saturday night.

My first couple visits were on slow days (according to the manager) so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to go on a Friday night around 12:30. Valet was $10, not sure why they even have a valet because the parking lot is tight. I retrieved my car all 4 times I left the club because it was that close.

The door charge was $20 which is normal for the best strip club rated strip clubs in the city, I wouldn’t rank Dreams among the elites. The club has changed the name many times and non of the times has it ever been talked about with the elite strip clubs in the city. I was curious initially to find out how the club changed from other owners who had it known to the city as a white strip because now they have black dancers. Interior wise its the same exact layout as before dark and gloomy looking. The most exciting part of the club is the two small stages.. that’s about it. It is designed like a hallway that is shaped like a upside down L.

Camron Ft Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA – Touch The Sky

Lets get to the dancers.. I seen a handful of dancers that I didn’t see on the slow nights and out of those handful of dancers 1 or 2 caught my eye. So out of about 15 dancers 3 could of gotten a lap dance out of me. Keep in mind the lap dances were $5, if they were $10 I might of narrowed that down to one. Their top dancer was a 7.5 at best, with a phat fake butt. The club is tight so you can either get a dance on a bar stool, wall or a chair by the wall. You can view the stages basically any where in the club. The DJ was live but after after 30 mins you start to check the time and think about your next move.

Would I go again on a Friday night…Nah. for that door and valet charge I would choose Follies or Blue Flame (parking is free at both spots). They need to hire more dancers, remove the valet, slice that door charge in half and invest in the club feng shui/lighting.

Club Hours
Monday – Saturday
1:00 PM – 3:00 AM
1715 Northside Drive NW
Atlanta GA 30318-2601

My next review is going to be Tease strip club..