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4 Ways You Can Download Instagram Videos – 2024 Guide

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Instagram is one today the most visited social media application. In this contemporary world, where everyone wishes to increase their connections, Instagram helps reach out to more people. Celebrities are quite famous on this application as their fans can now communicate with them easily. It is now accessible to contact your closed ones on this platform. You can have a detailed view of your friends and family’s lifestyle. It is possible to post images and videos on Instagram. Downloading a photograph is simple, but people find it challenging to download a video from this social media app. If you find a good video on Instagram and want to save it to your mobile device, there are many ways to fulfill the task.

Now you can download numerous Instagram videos and convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4. Visit oDownloader to learn more about the range of options. Every account on Instagram posts numerous pictures and videos every day. It is hard to keep an account of them all. But if you want to download a video from Instagram, then it is not that hard. Many tricks can help you to do so.

Various methods of downloading Instagram videos

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In its initial days, Instagram was only meant for sharing pictures. You could only upload your photographs from the gallery with a tag or location. Then after a few updates later, Instagram introduced the feature of uploading short videos. These clips were hardly ten to fifteen seconds in length. With the advent of demand, you can upload lengthy videos on Instagram through their latest feature called Instagram TV or IGTV. This update allows the user to upload longer videos to their handle. This feature has also allowed more influential handles to upload useful videos on the app. Uploading videos is easy. You can also save the videos to watch them later, but they get saved to your Instagram account and not to the device. Here we will understand a few methods that might help you download Instagram videos directly to your smartphone or computer.

Method 1: Get assistance from a video downloader application

Browse your Android phone’s play store where you can find a barrage of video downloaders. These applications will help you download videos directly from your Instagram handle. All you have to do is visit the play store and install one high rated video downloader app. Make sure that the app supports videos from Instagram. Then after signing in on the application, you can select the video that you wish to download. You will find a download button on the newly installed app. After downloading the video, you can save it to your device and watch it later as well. The video will be saved to your smartphone’s gallery.

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Method 2: Download the video on your desktop/laptop

Here is an old school way of downloading videos from Instagram. You will have to sign in on your Instagram handle through a computer. Now, as you have successfully signed in, select the video that you wish to download. Open the selected video and then right-click on the screen. The dropdown will show you various options. Click on inspect or reach there by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I. After clicking on inspect; various options will appear on the screen. You will have to look for a link that ends with MP4. Search for the same by pressing Ctrl + F and typing MP4 in the search bar. Once the link is available, copy the same link along with the source. This link is for the same video that you wish to download. Open a new tab and paste the link there and press search. The desired video will open, now you have to the right click on it and select the save button. You have now successfully downloaded the video.

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Method 3: You can save the video from your device’s cache

Are you aware that all the data that you browse and every page that you visit on your device is saved in your cache history? You can download the video of your desire with a few modifications. The first step is to go to the video that you want to download. Watch the entire video until the end. Then, visit the file manager folder on your smartphone. Go to the android folder, and click on the data option. There will be an option named com.instagram.android, click on the same. Then it will further take you to the cache folder and then to the video option. You will be able to view all the videos that you have visited on Instagram. These videos will be marked as clean files. All you have to do is change the word clean to MP4. Then you can download the video through the same location.

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Method 4: Suitable for iPhone users

Well, this technique is for iOS users as all iPhone owners are very well familiar with this application because it helps them to manage their system files efficiently. Suppose you do not have the documents app, then, first of all, install this app on your smartphone. After visiting the application, go to a website called “install downloader,” and now you can save all the Instagram videos to your iPhone. You can access them by opening the Documents App. If you want the videos to be shown in your phone as the other videos, you need to open the desired video in Documents app, and by clicking on the three dots, click “save to files.”

All the mentioned above methods are good to go, but the most preferable is to use a third-party app. Because using third-party apps is less time consuming, and most of them are for free. So when you are getting these apps without paying a charge, why invest time in other techniques. Also, these applications are tailor-made to perform the task of video download, and you can choose from a wide variety of options available on the internet.