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Dominant or Submissive: What It Can Reveal About You

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Sexuality is a complex and diverse aspect of human nature, shaped by a myriad of factors – some completely beyond our understanding.  Something that is rarely more evident than in the way in which different people have so radically different tastes and preferences when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

Speaking to Skype sex models and live webcam girls in general about the kinds of requests they receive can be eye-opening, to say the least.  Quite simply, name even the most bizarre or outlandish theoretical fetish you can think of, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s being played out right now – both in the real world and via private cam sites.

Even so, typically you’ll find that almost everyone you encounter can be bracketed within one of two broad categories, with regard to their sexual preferences:

  1. Those who like to be dominant;
  2. Those who prefer submissiveness.

The question is – what is it about these particular kinks that makes them so incredibly popular? More specifically, what do sexual preferences like these tell you about the personalities and perspectives of those in question?

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The Allure of Dominance

For many individuals, embracing a dominant role in the bedroom provides a thrilling and pleasurable experience. What drives this excitement? Psychologically, dominance allows individuals to embody power, control, and authority.

By taking charge, dominants feel empowered, confident, and liberated in their unique ability to fulfill their partner’s desires. This sense of responsibility and leadership creates a thrilling dynamic that heightens arousal and satisfaction.

Furthermore, dominance fosters trust and intimacy within a consensual relationship. The bond between the dominant and submissive is built on trust and open communication, allowing for the exploration of desires and boundaries.

By carefully navigating the power dynamics, dominants provide their partners with a safe space to surrender control, leading to deeper emotional connections and an enhanced sense of intimacy.

From a scientific perspective, dominance can be linked to personality traits such as assertiveness, ambition, and confidence. Individuals who enjoy taking charge in the bedroom often display these qualities in their everyday lives.

By embracing dominance, they can express their dominant nature and assert their desires both sexually and non-sexually, achieving their full potential.

Source: submissiveguide.com

The Intricacy of Submission

Just as dominance captivates some, others find great pleasure in adopting a submissive role. Submission involves surrendering control and allowing oneself to be led, cherished, and pleasured by a dominant partner. Why do individuals find submission so exhilarating?

Psychologically, submitting can be a form of escapism from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. By relinquishing control, submissives experience freedom and relief—a chance to fully immerse themselves in the pleasure of being cared for and pleasured.

Submission allows them to trust their partner completely, providing a sense of security, emotional release, and a respite from decision-making.

From a scientific standpoint, submissives often possess empathetic and nurturing traits. Their preference for the submissive role does not mean they lack confidence or assertiveness; rather, it reflects their deep capacity for empathy and care.

By embracing submission, these individuals can explore their emotional depth and demonstrate their generosity and selflessness.

Source: elephantjournal.com

Personality Traits and Life’s Perspectives

Truth is, you cannot really say that preferences for dominance or submission offer any accurate or defining insights into a person’s all-round personality. There are always exceptions to what you think would be a rule – individuals who are meek, quiet, and lacking confidence in everyday life, who somehow turn into a terrifyingly dominant presence in the bedroom.

Even so, there do tend to be at least some common traits shared by those who prefer one extreme or the other.

For example, if you find yourself enjoying a more submissive role in the bedroom, you almost certainly have a complex and multifaceted personality. As a Submissive, you thrive on trust, vulnerability, and surrendering control.

What does it say about you? In everyday life, you might shoulder substantial responsibilities. Hence, slipping into a submissive role could be the ultimate stressbuster. You appreciate the luxury of letting go and relying on your partner’s commanding lead. It shows you’re a person who enjoys deep trust in relationships and can be open and vulnerable.

However, if you seem to lean more towards a dominant role, it may indicate a somewhat different personality. As a Dominant, you still focus on trust but are also turned on by taking control and guiding the action. A sign of your natural leadership, perhaps?

It shows your ability to confidently navigate towards the desired destination. Taking charge might also mean you enjoy nurturing and protecting your partner while having fun. It can display your inherent strength, foresight, and calculated risk-taking spirit.

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Wrapping Up…

No matter whether you prefer being submissive or dominant in the bedroom, the fact that you clearly make the effort to keep things spicy and exciting is all that matters. Variety being the spice of life, as they say, there’s also no reason why you and those you entertain can’t take turns adopting both roles.

Occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries could teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible!