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25 DIY 17th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Delight Special Day

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The 17th birthday is a crucial occasion. Because 17 is the age for children to enjoy fun and guaranteed treatment from family and the law. When they turn 18, they will become adults and obey the provisions of the law.

Therefore, the 17th birthday gift ideas list from giftomg.com will fill you with joy and impressions. Giving gifts to the kids will also show you care for them. But when they turn 17, you can make your gifts to give at their 17th birthday party, and that will be the most meaningful thing for them on their birthday. If you are struggling with ideas, let’s check out DIY 17th birthday gift ideas.

Birthday is an important occasion to celebrate the day you were born and share the joy with everyone. Recipients will be very impressed if they receive a handmade gift because they will feel the giver’s care.

25 DIY 17th Birthday Gift Ideas To Impress Any Teenagers

From handmade cards to personalized photo gifts, there are endless possibilities for DIY 17th birthday gifts that are both meaningful and memorable. In this article, we will explore some unique and creative DIY 17th birthday gift ideas that you can make yourself, to help you create a special and heartfelt gift that your loved one will treasure for years to come.

1. Vintage Scrapbook

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If you’re looking for ideas to make an ideal birthday present yourself, don’t miss this vintage scrapbook. A vintage scrapbook will be a gift that makes the recipient feel impressed because of the beauty of the gift you have made. Making a vintage scrapbook is very simple; everything you need is A4 paper (180gsm) including kraft 03 sheets, black 02, beige (texture) 01, white (texture) 02; with tools are drag, 2 – sided tape, black pen, ruler, pencil. So you can manually make an interesting scrapbook to give someone’s birthday.

2. DIY Birthday pop up card

If you want to make a handmade gift for someone yourself, it will take a lot of time and creativity to create a great gift. So in the list of DIY 17th birthday gift ideas, you should check out this DIY Birthday pop-up card. This birthday pop-up card will be a special gift that impresses the recipient when they open the pop-up card.

3. Paper Flower

Flowers are always a special gift for someone on a birthday, especially for the 17th birthday. 17 years old is a blooming age symbolizing freshness and activity. So giving flowers is a great idea. But by giving fresh flower bouquets, these flowers will lose their original beauty, so making handmade paper flowers will be a great alternative.

4. Fresh Chocolate

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One of the other great ideas you should consider is fresh chocolate. Chocolate will be a gift that shows your care for the recipient. Making chocolate is very easy, it does not require you to be a professional, as long as you prepare all the ingredients and make it carefully, you have a wonderful birthday treat to give someone. With delicious and eye-catching chocolate, this will be a great gift to impress the recipient on their birthday.

5. DIY Whipped Body Scrub

17 is the age when people start taking care of their bodies with skin care products. That’s why on someone’s 17th birthday, you can give them a handmade whipped body scrub so they can take care of their skin. This gift will help their skin glow, as well as using this whipped body scrub, they will remember you.

6. Bracelet

If you want to give someone on their 17th birthday a handmade gift, then check out this bracelet from DIY 17th birthday gift ideas. This bracelet is one of the best gifts you can make to give someone. The bracelet will show your bond to the recipient as well as show your care through the gift. This bracelet will be a great gift that requires your ingenuity and patience.

7. Necklace

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If you want to give a gift of jewelry to someone on their birthday, let’s consider this necklace. The necklace is an easy-to-find gift for a birthday present. But to make it more special, you can handmade the necklace. To make this necklace, take your time and focus to create an impressive birthday gift.

8. DIY Drink Coasters

To make someone’s birthday great, consider drink coasters as gifts. Drink coasters will be suitable for those who love to sip coffee or drinks. These drink coasters are very easy to make with supplies you already have in your home. With creativity, you can create a memorable birthday gift.

9. Dollar Origami Heart

Dollar origami hearts are also a unique idea to make a birthday gift for someone. These hearts would be a great gift made out of dollar bills, you can fold them into heart shapes and then put this dollar origami in a pretty gift box. This gift does not require a lot of skill, just prepare dollars so you can create special hearts for someone on their 17th birthday.

10. Hot Bottle Cover

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One of the best ideas in DIY 17th birthday gift ideas that you can refer to make a birthday gift for someone is a hot bottle cover. This product would be a wonderful gift for girls. With this hot bottle cover, the recipient can feel your care for her. Moreover, this gift is easy to make, which is why it’s ideal.

11. DIY Tote Bag

A tote bag is an ideal gift to give someone for their 17th birthday. 17 is the age of activity, so they are very involved in extracurricular activities. Giving a tote bag would be a great idea. But it will be even more impressive if the tote bag is handmade. A handmade tote bag will be easy to make if you focus; moreover, this tote bag will be more special if you decorate it with colorful colors.

12. Pearl Earring

With easy-to-find things, you can create handmade pearl earrings to give to others on their birthday. Jewelry is a gift that girls love very much, so pearl earrings will be the ideal choice to give someone of the age that beautiful like summer flowers. This handmade earring will make the recipient touch and feel your care for them.

13. Lavender Sachets

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From DIY 17th birthday gift ideas, Lavender sachets would be a great gift that you can give someone on a birthday. These lavender sachets are an easy gift to make at home. And this will also be a gift that makes the recipient feel happy because of the fragrance it gives off. Lavender sachets are a gift that brings a natural scent that is pleasant to the recipient.

14. A Beanie Hat

A beanie hat would be a great 17th birthday gift. It would be an easy product to make if someone knows how to knit. But for those who have never knitted before, it will take a lot of time and patience to create a beanie hat. But the beanie hat will be a meaningful gift that will surprise the recipient.

15. A Scarf

Similar to a beanie hat, a scarf is a gift that shows your care for the recipient. To be able to knit a scarf that looks eye-catching and fits the recipient, you have to prepare it early to make sure you get it done before the recipient’s 17th birthday. This scarf is one of the gifts that impresses the recipient.

16. Picture Romantic Couple

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If you are not sure what gift you want to give your friend on their 17th birthday. Let’s think about handmade gifts for them. Moreover, one of the easy-to-make gifts that you can refer to is the draw romantic couple. All you need to create this gift is a pencil, paper, and frame it then put it in the box. Drawing a picture by yourself as a gift would be a great idea.

17. DIY Bag

This jean bag will be a special gift from DIY 17th birthday gift ideas because it is recycled from old jeans. A bag is something that almost everyone has, so giving a bag is also a good idea for you. Make a handmade bag from things available from your house. With old jeans material, this bag will be very stylish and make the recipient feel happy.

18. DIY A Simple Notepad

The simplest and most straightforward present to make is a plain notepad, but it may still look lovely if you embellish it artistically. Using items like crayons, paper, cardboard, and scissors. On your loved one’s 17th birthday, you were able to make a great present. This notebook will make a great birthday present for the recipient.

19. DIY Starbucks Latte Candle

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One of the gifts that you can handmade from DIY 17th birthday gift ideas is a candle. The candle is a great gift that you can handmade to give your loved one on their 17th birthday. But this gift will be even better if you can make it into a Starbucks latte candle. With this gift, you will impress the recipient.

20. DIY gift box

If you are looking for a gift for DIY 17th birthday gift ideas, one of the things that you can handmade is a gift box. What is more grateful is when the recipient notices a specially decorated gift box. When seeing the gift box without opening the inside also makes the recipient feel happy and impressed. You just need to have an impressive gift box, then the things you want to put inside. So you can have a wonderful gift for someone’s 17th birthday.

21. DIY No-Sew Braided Pillow Cover

A no-sew braided pillow cover is also a handmade gift that you might consider. This pillow will be a gift that shows your care for the recipient. The age of 17 is the age when people have taken care of their health. Therefore a no-sew braided pillow cover would be a great handmade gift.

22. DIY travel Pillow

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Another gift that you can handmade for your loved one’s 17th birthday is a travel pillow. A travel pillow will be an easy gift you can give someone. At the age of 17, people have begun to mature to explore the vast world. Therefore, A travel pillow will be a gift that shows your care for the recipient.

23. Dreamcatcher

One of the great gifts that you can think of to give your loved one’s 17th birthday from DIY 17th birthday gift ideas is the dreamcatcher. A dreamcatcher is a great gift to help the recipient have beautiful dreams. Moreover, a dreamcatcher is simple to make, so it’s an ideal gift for handmade. With this dreamcatcher, you can show your love to the recipient.

24. DIY Keychains

Keychains will be a perfect gift for 17-year-olds. By using things you already have, you can design cute keychains to give to your loved ones. On your loved ones’ 17th birthday, this gift of yours will make an impression on the recipient through the uniqueness and eye-catching gift that you handmade.

25. DIY Fleece Socks

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Fleece socks are a special gift that you can think of as a handmade gift. These fleece socks will show your care for the recipient. Because these fleece socks will help the recipient always feel warm when moving anywhere. Moreover, based on your creativity, you can design unique fleece socks.


To make an impression on the recipient as well as show your care for them, DIY 17th birthday gift ideas will help you find the suitable ideas to make meaningful gifts by hand to give them. Homemade gifts are a fantastic way to show someone how much you care about them. So let’s try your best to make beautiful gifts for your loved ones.