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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Slots Available

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From first glance it might seem that all the slots are almost similar. All you have to do is put in money, spin the reels and cross fingers to win no deposit bonus Philippines. But it is a misconception. There is a great variety of different kinds of slots available, starting with classic slots to themed and video slots. Wherever you are, either at a land-based casino in a popular destination or sitting at home playing top online casinos, for example, onlinecasinorealmoney.net, you have a wide choice. Any casino game has a greater range than slots. And in this variety here we are with a slots guide to help you figure out the types of slots available nowadays.

Differences between online slots and land-based slot machines

First of all, let’s start with the distinction between online slots and land-based slots. With the emergence of casinos, slot machines have gained great popularity. However, as online casinos have started to develop, online slots have also been popular for a long time.

Land-based slots have somehow faced a decline in demand due to the development of online slots. Thus most of them were not replaced with new because of the expenses on manufacturing and maintenance. Anyway land-based slot machines still succeed in the competitive environment and here’s why. First of all, they offer a remarkable experience that cannot be felt during online gaming. Secondly, they are believed to be a more responsible alternative due to stricter gambling limits.

At the same time the expansion of online slots is continuing as people proceed to online casinos. And so this simple and beneficial game has faced many changes.  Now lots of high-quality online slots are released almost every month giving more and more advantages to the players. For example, they get larger betting options and bigger potential payouts. Moreover, they can enjoy playing from any comfortable place on their mobile without downloading special software.

Now let’s proceed to the variety of slot games.

Types of slot games

Classic slots

Classic slots might be ideal for beginners because it is easy to learn and easy to play. In addition they are enjoyed by the followers of the traditional slots machines. Even though modern games are using up-to-date software, digital sound and fantastic graphics, the gameplay remains the same. Usually there are three reels and old-fashioned symbols like fruits, bars, bells and the number seven. If you score 3 similar symbols – you win. This type of slot offers quick game rounds with little distractions. Undoubtedly, classic slots will always be on the top of the list of slot machines.

Progressive jackpot slots

Jackpots are one of the most popular types in slots casino. They can allow players to win large amounts of money. Particularly progressive jackpot slots mean a jackpot that keeps increasing. The game takes a small amount from a player’s each stake and adds to a jackpot pool. The amount taken per spin depends on the game. Even though these slots require some time for payout, the winning is definitely worth it in case you are lucky enough to win.

Video slots

Nowadays video slots are present of the online world. Basically, they are pretty much the same as traditional slots but have impressive graphics and high-quality sound. The symbols and reels have become animated, which offers an absolutely new perception of gameplay. Due to computerised advancement, you just press a button and dive into more long bets, playlines and high-paying blackjack. Video slots may look different and have various themes, they work the same way.

Themed slots

Themed slots are really popular among slot players. For some of them it is a tribute to their particular superstition, like lucky symbols and numbers. While others might choose them for a specific theme or design. These slots can include themes and brands from different movies, TV shows, sports, etc. In the themed games players can pay attention that the gameplay and quality might be better than in standard video slots. Some of them refer to particular brands that have high budgets for games and that means they are generous with bonuses, features and graphics. Game developers need to meet the standards of the brand.

Mobile slots

As online casinos are getting more and more popular, it is obvious to expand this feature on mobile devices. Thus most of the slot games are accessible to play on most of the devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops. Owing to the latest technological innovations, software and game developers nowadays online games can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Virtual reality slots

VR slots offer an absolutely new sophisticated experience for gamblers. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of an actual casino. These types of gambling slots have definitely changed the way of online betting. Why not explore the casino with a VR headset between the games?

3D Slots

These are believed to be the future of online games. Standard video slots are transformed into more immersive and engaging gameplay. 3D slots take advantages of the latest technology while most of the video slots are 2D and concentrated more on the players’ experience. On the contrary, 3D games developers can combine visually appealing video with better functioning. While these slots are still developing they will absolutely take their place in the future of online gaming.

How to win at slots

Now that we have figured out the types of slots, the most thrilling question would be if there are any tips on how to play gambling slot machines and win. First of all, you have to understand that slot machine games are games of chance. A player cannot influence the outcome of this game once the button is pushed. The outcomes are ruled by random number generators. This means that computer programs randomise the outcome of every spin in order to prevent manipulation by casino operators or players. Hence the result is close to a truly random outcome. Anyway, we have some useful tips for you:

  • Control your bankroll;
  • Comprehend the mechanisms of the jackpot;
  • Select the right slot machine games thoroughly and follow the instructions;
  • Use the maximum of bonuses and promos;
  • Learn how to identify slot machine games with a high payout;
  • Try to extend your bankroll if possible.
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Slots have taken a special place in the casino world among classic games like poker, roulette or blackjack. They remain to be a huge part of the gambling heritage and at the same time the most adaptable and varied game. They attract players because of their simplicity, visual and audio effects and available jackpots. Slots are definitely a good place to start.