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CS2 Zywoo Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the world of competitive eSports, particularly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), player settings and configurations play a pivotal role in enhancing performance and gameplay. Among renowned players, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut stands out, known for his exceptional skills and his unique game settings that optimize his performance.

This article provides an extensive insight into ZywOo’s CS: GO settings, offering an educational perspective for avid gamers eager to understand and perhaps emulate his in-game configurations.

Mouse Settings:

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DPI and Sensitivity

CS2 Zywoo settings utilize a DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting of 400, coupled with an in-game sensitivity of 2.0. This lower DPI setting allows for precise control and accurate aiming, a crucial aspect in CS: GO. Ensuring that your mouse sensitivity is attuned to your playing style is essential for optimal performance.


His eDPI (effective Dots Per Inch), a product of DPI and in-game sensitivity, stands at 800. This figure is relatively average among CS: GO professionals, balancing swift movements with controlled aiming.

Polling Rate

The polling rate used by ZywOo is 1000 Hz, providing a 1ms response time. This high polling rate ensures that his mouse inputs are registered with minimal delay, offering smooth and responsive cursor movements.

Video Settings:

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ZywOo prefers to play CS: GO at a resolution of 1280×960 with a stretched aspect ratio. A stretched resolution allows characters to appear wider, potentially making enemy targets easier to spot and hit.

Refresh Rate

In sync with his high-performance hardware, ZywOo opts for a monitor refresh rate of 240 Hz. A high refresh rate minimizes screen tearing and provides smoother visuals, essential for tracking movements and responding quickly to in-game situations.

Graphics Settings

To maximize frame rates and performance, ZywOo keeps most of his graphic settings low. However, he prefers to have his shadows set to high, providing better visual information that can be crucial for gameplay decisions.

Crosshair Settings:

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Style and Color

ZywOo opts for a classic static crosshair style in green color. A static crosshair provides consistent aiming, while the green color stands out against most in-game backgrounds, ensuring visibility.

Size and Gap

He uses a crosshair size of 2 with a gap of -3. These settings provide a small, unobtrusive crosshair that allows for precise aiming and clear view of the enemy.

Viewmodel Settings:

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ZywOo’s viewmodel settings are configured for clarity and minimal distraction. His view model offset values are set to X: 2.5, Y: 0, and Z: -1.5. These settings position the weapon model for optimal screen space usage and visibility.

Radar Settings:

In CS: GO, effective use of the radar can provide valuable information about enemy locations and movements. ZywOo’s radar settings are configured to maximize map visibility and information access, with a radar map zoom set to 0.3.

Key Bindings:

Every CS: GO player has unique key binding preferences. ZywOo prefers to bind his jump action to the mouse wheel, a common choice among professionals for easier bunny hopping and maneuverability.


Understanding and analyzing the settings used by professional players like ZywOo can provide valuable insights for improving your own CS: GO experience and performance. However, it’s essential to remember that the optimal settings vary for each player, and personal comfort and adaptability should guide your configuration choices.

While it’s beneficial to use ZywOo’s settings as a reference point, take the time to experiment and find the combination of settings that suits your gameplay style the best. Balancing performance, visual clarity, and control is crucial for enhancing your CS: GO gaming experience, and following ZywOo’s example can be a great starting point in this journey.

(Disclaimer: These settings were accurate as per the latest updates till the cutoff in 2022. For the most current settings, please check the latest sources.)